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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


 This large show is held at Titans Stadium, but was a little lighter than last year

Hot Rod CJ5 Jeep 

Packard street rods are very popular 

Radical Oldsmobile Coupe

Fully loaded Dodge Camper special with a big block, a/c, auto trans and power steering!

Richard Pelly? LOL!


T bird with a different flair

This was one trick Malibu

Bobby Alloway said I can build you a car in any color as long as it's black!

Long Noses are in this year

See I told ya!


A street rodded Riley!


Virginia is for Lovers?
 Be very clear Virginia welcomes no one!
 No other state evokes such controversy about their traffic laws.
 The speed limit on the interstate is 70 MPH and if you come from an area like NYC where it is 50 MPH on the highway then you think this is great!  
 I knew Virginia was tough on speeders, but I also was thrilled it is 70 MPH and usually set my cruise control just a bit above that to be safe. I notice even at 70 MPH people are going well over 80 MPH or way below forcing me to disengage the cruise control to put myself in a safe zone as I get past or allow others to pass.  
 The first time I was stopped I was driving with the cruise control set below the scary 80 MPH and a tour bus rolled up out of no where close to 100 MPH and was pushing me out of the way and I called the bus company to complain, in the process of disengaging the cruise control and moving I hit a down grade and momentarily hit 82 MPH and you guessed it a Sheriffs car nabbed me, he explained I was driving 2 MPH too fast, he did let me off with a warning. I want to add I drive a Honda and it is known fact the speedometers are off by 2 MPH!
The same thing happened again this year - I had moved out the way and the cruise was off, hit a downgrade and again momentarily went 2 MPH over, the cruise had been set at 76 MPH. As I realized the downgrade just popped up my speed and looking to the cruise to see if my speedo was right and was starting to get my speed down and re-engage the cruise and was pulled over again.
This time I got a lecture of how the simple speeding ticket was a misdemeanor with a court appearance, possible jail and fine as high as $2500.  
If the officer decides to just code the ticket RD it means you are now charged with reckless driving not speeding and carries the same weight as a DUI, really!! So if you drive for living you could potentially be suspended or fired as if you received a DUI type charge!
I have a great answer for the bureaucrats in the wonderful state of Virginia just lower the DAMN speed limit to 60 or 65 MPH if you want people to slow down because it is near impossible to drive at exactly 70 MPH which means for the most part you won't be keeping up with the flow of traffic which makes it a very taxing drive. Lets get realistic here if you accidentally momentarily go over that magically 80 MPH even though you have been trying to maintain a speed under that by 2 MPH can they be a little more logical and have some mercy, I never got past 85 MPH and don't let patrol cars sit at the bottom of large downhill grades knowing an increase in speed may occur  

Either it is loved or hated, but sadly Packard-Studebaker let Packard loose it's identity just before the Packard's disappeared for ever!
 The Packard Hawk was nothing more than a Studebaker Hawk with nameplates and a fiberglass nose insert! The one year 1958 entry also was a swan song as it was Packard's last year of production!  


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