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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I never heard of it and I would guess you never thought of tow trucks as collector vehicles?
In Chattanooga Tennessee I visited this great museum and was pretty impressed!

 Much time and effort is very evident here.

 The assortment and quality of restored vehicles was great.

 Say it, CUTE!

 A rare seldom seen overhead boom wrecker.

 Yes that is a hand crank!

First one that really impressed me.

 Craftsmanship meant something at one time, this started as a 5 window Chrysler Coupe.
 The dealership employees turned a car into a tow TRUCK!

 You know CARHUNTERS love of Packards and this next rig is just stunning!
This one really impressed me!
 A 1929 Packard LIMO converted and just look at all the details!  

Would you not expect tow related toys and memorabilia?

 A very complete AAA badge collection
Yes we must go there!
 The owner of Lincoln Towing in Seattle Washington does have a sense of humor!

Left and right Toe Trucks!
 I bet you have seen trucks like this before and never gave them a thought?
 Maybe you laughed and said what can that tow, its so tiny?

 Very well thought out tow trucks, able to push a vehicle rapidly out a of tunnel tube, most have first response fire fighting ability, but most important can turn around in the tunnel and change direction! Oh, that is why the short wheelbase!!!

Shorter you say?
These tow trucks were built to haul airplanes and various "stuff" around the tarmac!

Went here too!
 As proven in the past many easily influenced soft shelled folks can be talked into anything! 
 The cute Disney film cars has sprouted Tow Mater clones!

 Birthday cake
 Ok this is cool Halloween is only like 8 months away so start now!
Ok I got it you loved that old Tonka Tow Truck!

I am not going beat the heck out of tow trucks in this blog, although someone did out of this one!
Always future blogs on this subject!