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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


A Detroit trip centered around finally going to the famous Woodward Dream Cruise held every August. The "Dream Cruise" was very spread out traveling through 9 townships, it is very hard to navigate because it is 16 miles long (that is 32 miles round trip!) , more on that later.
Filling the schedule I find Back to the Bricks although I never heard of it? 
It all happens the same week as the Dream Cruise, not sure of the politics or maybe it is less scattered and more cozy?
It all happens downtown on the main street restored with the old brick roadway amongst shops, restaurants and live music!

Yes the trophies are bricks!
We parked just outside the closed area and walked the street first and then pulled out some chairs and enjoyed the cars moving in and out. 
An eclectic grouping of cars would be an understatement! 

2000's meet the 1960's

Is the car from Deliverance-OH NO!
Flames on a Fire Truck?

Hey careful,never point a loaded weapon! 
They like campers,huh?
Bread delivery in style-Lyn Airvan on a Dodge 100 chassis

No he isn't transporting an engine, it was installed there!
International Scout SSII had removable door vinyl inserts and no roof! 


Yeah, it's got a HEMI

Gotta love Big Block Biscaynes, the 3 B's 

Hey Buddy is that for sale?

AMC Hornet in a crappy parking spot!

What a heap!
The guy on the motorized scooter was looking for Grey Poupon!

Come on the last time you saw a Olds Starfire GT was?
Jag u R
You look'n at me?

They surf in Michigan?
This is actually a much newer Vette


Buick hardtop wagon
Monte Carlo SS454

Maverick Grabber, almost killer her! 

Never find out what it was below?
I think we enjoyed Back to the Bricks in Flint more than the Dream Cruise?

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