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Monday, August 31, 2020


Here is a fun one from the past from the Medical and Merchants Center 2nd Saturday of the month, but this a blast from CARHUNTERS rambling days in March of 2013 and some of these are from a cruise in at Smokeys BBQ and then I drove over to the Merchants Center!
Those great days of running around!  
All in Jacksonville Florida!

You can see some really great cars, beats seeing the same cars week after week at your local cruise in!

 A quick ride and Cruise In #2 that night!

He had a motorized leg that rocked the boat like it was riding in a gentle wave.

MOPAR class in session, the engines are not in the center so be aware for your open center hoods!

Take a plane, Honda and motorcycle and you get?? I was hoping you knew!

It's Starsky and or Hutch!

Ypsilanti Automotive History Museum in Michigan
It was the 1st Dodge Dealer outside of Detroit, but it's claim to fame was being the last Hudson Dealer when they ended production 

Have you seen a Hudson pickup?

The Willow Run GM plant has a great history of transmission heritage

Hudson design models

The NOVA platform was built around these parts

Corvairs were built in Willow Run

The car is the most optioned Corvair ever built for the bosses daughter!

It's NOT a Tucker! One the fiberglass props from the Movie Tucker!

Bring on the Kaisers!!!

The 1st hatchback, Kaiser Virginian!

Henry J named for the boss Henry J Kaiser

A brand new never used Kaiser body

Still finding the unusual hiding in plain sight!
How much more old school could this little rod be?
I wonder would they sell it, great lawn art if cleaned up a bit! 

Flying cars in our future they said, well meet George Jetson!

Very exciting news last week; an actual flying car!
Well looks to me like a giant drone with just enough capacity to carry one person?

I don't see wheels nor anyway to move around unless you can land everyplace you need to go and it takes up 2 parking spaces. FAIL!

This stillborn concept almost works 

This one almost works

This Pinto flew, but I guess when you landed you removed the airplane parts and drove off. Ok if you had a small plane you could land and rent a car also?

Moot point both creators died when the Planeto crashed!

These existed and you broke down the extra parts and then towed them with you

It's been tried and tried

Even back when electricity was new

I don't know, maybe you do?

Now that's a flying car, sing along; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, sound like a naughty movie today!

The flying MOPARS have arrived!