Sunday, October 31, 2021


A small convoy meeting up, one of many heading to the annual moonshine run!

Hold on tight there were over 500 cars!! 
I am just going to let you look em over!

This gentleman said he had a few different engine in this hot rod, eventually dropping this modified Pinto engine in with homemade intake and exhaust manifolds!  

Restored back that old school car show circuit look! 

Interesting kind of sedan delivery!


Doors on both sides!

One sexy Oldsmobile! 

Kind of a stand up cornhole toss!

Whos' heading to the airport?

What a nice 61 Pontiac!

Coolest Dodge Cabover ever!! 

39 DeSoto

A lot going on here!

Long Nosed Pinto!

Is that a Superbee? 

The car club was handing out free water labeled for the club!