Tuesday, October 24, 2023


 Another CARHUNTER mystery! The car actually showed up in the UK 1937 Chrysler brochure!

This is crazy! A total custom built 1937 Chrysler with aluminum body, 323 cubic inch straight 8 with aluminum head and dual carbs. Was it built? It actually showed up in the 1937 UK Chrysler Brochure as seen in the last photo. Article says 6 were built, all records and info were destroyed in German Blitz of the UK WWII. It was said 2 were seen after the war, but one somehow found it’s way to New Jersey and was believed to be the only surviving one, but where is it today? 

My blogs seemed to be more local over the last few years with major changes in life and the world. Over the winter I may post some older blogs.

Now on to part 2 from the Pigeon Forge Rod Run 

Going to let everyone just scroll through the photos!

Bet you did not know the fins bolted on these Studebakers

Don't ask too many questions!

Split hood!

How old school is this?

More 2wd Blazers!



Bandit Edition?

Chased this thing for a while.

Too nice for the rod run!

Have you been counting the 2wd Blazers?

Old School paint!


Got em!!