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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


A semi regular feature being added will show some wild car transporters!
Fire Trucks make great transporters!
 Oh how simple King Richard Petty traveled, yes Dodge made over the road trucks!  
 A van body found it's way onto a big truck cab
 Panel truck meets big truck
 The European teams like Ferrari were very serious about racing 
 The Mongoose and the Snake
 Both trucks recently restored, starred in a short lived movie and sold at auction

 572 Cubic inches front wheel drive, lets make a car hauler!
 Ford looked to Ferrari as they campaigned against them 
 Twins separated at birth
 All Mopar all the time!
 TV Tommy Ivo was a showman, he was a Mouseketeer, hence the "TV" moniker.
 Would you expect less from Mercedes Benz

 Kings of the pit stop and performance, the Wood Brothers!
So low tech transport!
 My kind of school bus!
 Yes it was a Futureliner, but calm down, stand by for explanation.

 They like red huh?
Look carefully, it is the rear end of an AMC Pacer reversed and those headlamps used to be tail lamps!

Might as well think big!

 Custom Dodge built by the famous Cotton Owens of NASCAR fame! It was actually built fairly recently.

 Shelby America Inc.

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