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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


When you pull up and see a bunch of buildings like this you can bet you are in the right place!

Gary Mahan likes to collect, but as you will see it is more than a little collection in Basking Ridge NJ 

Mr.. Mahan collects trucks and mostly Macks!
It is not only trucks as you can see.
Hosts an open house just about every year and the museum is actually a 501C3 Foundation  
The trucks and equipment displayed around the property are what they call "lawn art" which are cosmetic restorations
A life long passion to preserve these treasures with a goal of 1 major restoration per year! 
Like I said lawn art displayed around the property.

Each truck has a theme usually based on it's previous life before retirement 

This mini dozer was unearthed while clearing out an old building and the owners said come at get it or it goes to scrap!
Mr. Mahan does more than his part to preserve history!

Sometimes Mr. Mahan uses his imagination to create that theme, trucks still working!

Many trucks await either a full restoration or lawn quality restoration

Just stored on the property this vintage race car awaits hopefully a restoration 

I recall trucks like this in NY delivering coal to the public schools many years ago, am I getting old? 

Parts and Pieces make up this military looking convoy

In process and awaiting restorations 

Check out the address

Now some of the prize winning restorations! 


Have you noticed the trucks are loaded?

The next building


The shop
Yes cars also and yes they are HEMI's 

You will see many tables using old truck radiators as a base

It's a HUG!

Very rare junior Mack

A drivable old bumper car

Tobacco transport vessel 
Welcome to the best man cave I have ever seen, yes that is a chassis under there
The floor is many individual pieces of wood hand laid in place  

Leaves you breathless seeing the Mack themed Fireplace

A lot to take in and it keeps going!

T is for Tennessee!


I am still totally perplexed by self driving cars!
CARHUNTER feels they will be a nothing more than dangerous killer robots. All computers fail and instead of this why don't we make a better effort of teaching the operation of a car more seriously to new drivers, this is unreal!
Perfect! Watch this video!
 This looks safe! I saw a news clip where the man declared we will one day ask "what were we thinking making ourselves drive a car, it is crazy!"
Too many factors here, I am not feeling safe about this new technology!
Driver killed in this Tesla while in self drive mode!
This is a Google self driving car after it hit a van running a red light and I had trouble saving and copying the photo Google tried to block it!
An Uber self driver takes a nap on its side! If you have driven in an Uber pray first, the 1st time I did I was thinking this guy has no idea how to drive! Either does the software!
Google self driving car

The constant excuse is they are still under development and the plan is for every vehicle to be in communication with each other!
Follow this garbage, so we will need to buy a new car or have ours retro-fitted. It is clear that antique cars will be targets on the road if every car is talking and ignoring us! Maybe we all need a chip in our head so the car can tell we walked in-front of it?
 Self Driving cars are a threat to our safety!
A stately 1953 Packard Cavalier

 With a Continental Kit that hides a secret!
Did you figure it out yet?
 Got it yet?
It is a parking assist demonstrated in the video below although with a Caddy!
Self parking not as scary as self driving!



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