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Tuesday, May 2, 2017


We continue with the sights without sounds from the Rod Run They call it Cruising The Strip- more on that later
A one armed bandit- old slot machine

You have noticed the for sale signs on everything?

A Cabover over a Cabover!

What's a UTE - Australian for El Camino?

Barn Find and they left the kids in the back seat?

Grabber or Petty Blue was the overwhelming theme this spring as I spotted a Honda Element painted up

A Sh%t load of Chevy's passing by?

Instant business opportunity 

He did make it

The little big boys are in town!

Find another Oldsmobile like this one?

The new Crime Museum has already had an escape!

 Had an early HEMI transplant

Get ready
Small block Chevy VW

?sounded good on the sketch pad?


?sounded good on the bar napkin?

$$$$$$$$ paint

A buck 380?

More Petty Blue (AKA Corporate Blue) 

He said all original except paint- the vinyl roof was very puffy!

Yup deep south!

 They sell thinner air cleaner assemblies
and it is a - door!  
1sy Generation Monte Carlo kicked it out of the park in green!
Original, huh and he makes the street rod rounds

Next, an actual old Telephone company truck!

Grabber Blue 

Gotta love the rear window treatment

NO way in hell was this a real Police package- Fury III up scale trim not a PK coded car and he has the nerve to put a story that it was assigned to a specific trooper?
Fury III 383 2bbl single exhaust cars were nice old man family cruisers not police cruisers

460CI divided by 2 minus the specific gravity of a jar of clear!

Grabetty Blue?

Packed and ready to hit the open road

About 150 feet out I thought I saw a Dodge dually parked nest to Peterbilt   

Now that was America!

Factory sunroof Dart Sport

You got to check the traffic or you miss some nice cars!

It is a Satellite with Charger doors? 
T is for Texas, Tennessee and Traditional led sled

These Wills Aero's keep popping up on me

CARHUNTER was very pleased with the update from the 1st Quarter over at the AACA Museum because it appears after all the uproar with the AACA the museum is doing very well as I thought it would! Forward thinking when face to face with old thinking will always win!
The Museum is about to open some new exhibits
Why not check out the museum and become a member for a free admission for the entire year?

Hemmings Classic Car Detroit Underdogs Exhibit

May 13 – August 27, 2017


Camaro & Firebird 50th Anniversary Exhibit

May 13 – October 8, 2017

AACA Museum Shares

Garage Finds: Unrestored Cars that Survived Time

Exhibit dates:
May 13 to October 8, 2017

Good News for 1st Quarter 2017

April 24, 2017 (Hershey, PA).    The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Museum is thrilled to report positive benchmarks in all areas for the first quarter of 2017.   The Museum is optimistic for the year ahead and thankful to supporters whose contributions are allowing us to announce the new Clyne Gateway Exhibition Gallery project.

AACA Museum's President Henry W. "Hank" Hallowell, shared upbeat performance benchmarks for the AACA Museum during the recent Board of Director's Meeting held on April 15th.  "It's exciting to share the good news that the AACA Museum is up in all operating areas reported for 2017" stated Hallowell. "Attendance is up 10.4% compared to the same time frame in 2016" continued Hallowell "Vehicle donations are currently up 300% over 2016 which includes both automobiles and motorcycles." Vehicle donations include those from both AACA members and non-AACA Members.

"Annual membership categories also have seen increases with a 71.4% increase in our 161 Society, a 14% increase in our Family memberships and a 15% increase in our individual memberships." "We're very grateful to all of our members who continue to support the AACA Museum" stated Hallowell "Members are enjoying the variety of exhibits and events that the Museum has to offer and memberships are a great value allowing admission and events throughout the year."  We have a slate of three fantastic new exhibits that begin in mid-May that guests will be able to enjoy all summer including Garage Finds:  Unrestored Treasures that Survived Time; Detroit Underdogs, in cooperation with Hemmings Classic Car,  and a 50th Anniversary celebration of Camaros & Firebirds.   The diversity of our collections, exhibits and events appeals to a wide audience of enthusiasts.
Donations for the annual appeal have increased by 17.9% along with a 36% increase in the number of donors. The average donation is up slightly more than 15%.   Donation figures are compared to 2014 end of year appeal which was similar in scope and timing to the 2016 campaign.   Support via donations includes many from Pennsylvania, but also from further away:  New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Iowa, Illinois and Tennessee among others.

This successful annual appeal was aimed at raising funds for an exciting new project entitled the Clyne Gateway Exhibition Gallery.  The Museum's Clyne Gallery, is the visitor's entry portal to the Museum.  The Gateway Project will turn this space into a vintage automobile dealership façade, complete with chrome and glass.  Inside will be space for two to three vehicles, artifacts and automotive advertising.  The Museum plans to put the new, attractive space to an innovative use.  "There are many marque clubs and automotive organizations that have outstanding educational resources and no place to exhibit them" says AACA Museum Executive Director, Jeffrey Bliemeister.  "This space will be dedicated to serving that audience and used to build relationships between the Museum and the automotive community it serves.  We envision the space commemorating automotive milestones and anniversaries and providing exposure to the rich array of clubs that can be found throughout this vibrant hobby."  The space will be available on a scheduled basis upon its completion later this year.  The AACA Museum invites inquiries from automotive clubs and organizations and will produce a full press release along with renderings as we near completion of the gallery.

The AACA Museum would like to thank everyone who continues to support the Museum through monetary donations, membership and vehicle donations.    We would also like to thank those AACA Members and Regions who have continued their support of the AACA Museum this year.    All AACA Members and AACA Museum Members continue to receive complimentary admission to the AACA Museum by showing their current membership card upon arrival. 

I would have loved to have met on the airstrip by this Packard!


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