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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I am just going to post the photos from the Spring Pigeon Forge Rod Run in several parts so enjoy
I am going to do a CARHUNTER editorial at one point about the whole shindig!
Please a MOPAR engine in a MOPAR no more Chevys!

Green flames are hotter?

Ready for a loonngg haul!

Not quite sure so don't ask!

It said International Flower car

I guess it can still roll still it has no engine?
It was well done, but? 

Nice little generation II Corvette look on a Nomad 

I always thought he was going to paint it, but it is clear coated now!


I like these little wagons, don't I?
Early Ram hauler

A Pack ard

The 4 doors are really showing up as the 2 doors dry up I guess, this is an Oldsmobile

Those 32's are the tail lamps 

This Plymouth was on the way and was not overpriced at all!

A Dodge Street Van special

I actually looked at this Packard a few days before, but passed

I finally found the guy and confirmed my guess of 48 Plymouth was correct, is that a Dakota grille? The owner had no idea he bought it done!

That is a lot of chopped roof over here!

Love them stacks!
On the truck too!

Got to admit it is different!

Take note this is the actual Pigeon Forge Rod Run which is held inside the LeConte Center
The Dirty Dozen is picked by local ScottieD TV 
It was quite a few Vettes 

A pair of Chevy pick ups

A ratrod


Stacey David of Gearz brought Sgt. Rock!

At first I thought it was a mirrored firewall, but I was VERY wrong!

Two for flinching!

A lot of engineering here!

 This is a replica of the Rockford Files cars and?

Every ones favorite model from Smoky Mountain Traders was in the house!

Finally a Street Rod at the Rod Run!

Why were 2 paddocks of exotic cars sitting here instead of some crazy street rods? 

The show continues outside and then we will see the cars actually outside at the Leconte!

Far a few between some folks still display cars along Parkway without a for sale or trade sign

He said a 59, das looked like a 58 sitting on a Dodge Dakota complete with ABS Fuel injection and A/C

Enjoy yourself on this one - look carefully!


 Sitting behind a back road little country Baptist Church not too far from where it was purchased  

I assume this is the same West Chevrolet near the airport!


 Meet George Jetson!
This is a long stretch, kind of because this future car popped up in 1958 which is when Packard-Studebaker discontinued the Packard line.
 Yes we had a flying car on the way!
 Okay maybe it is a Studebaker, but let us say it was a Studebaker-Packard for today! 



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  1. The 54 Savoy 2 Door. Very Cool
    I think it is rare ... about 450 production