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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


You Cruise to the Cruise In correct?
We Cruised in and so did many many others! 
The CARHUNTER Challenger made it in!
A bunch of these vagabonds made it!

Interesting paint treatment!
Nice 1st design Vette
Big Block Caprice

Chauffer driven Lincoln?

These wheels seemed to have taken the #1 spot from the Torque Thrusts

Ok so no one park a car in this spot ok?

This was on a GM truck 4wd chassis!

Can AM 4 door Lemans?

Unusual Land Rover
Even a Granada can be a cool ride, kinda!

Never take an old truck for common
Do a walk around!

This Camaro must handle like it is on rails?

I need a car hauler like this!

My favorite Plymouth gets around with MOPAR power


I know your Grandfather had this truck!

You could loose an eye with the long pointed nose on this Vette!

It's America!

Those wheels again

I guess with time the 4 doors have come into a greater popularity

No you do not see many rodded Chrysler Airflows!

Nice concept 2 seat shorty, but will it be completed one day?

Home built like they were back in the day

Studebaker Lark Wagonaire
Retractable roof so you can get that new fridge home!

Yes this is a rusty old home built trike with an equally rusty Flathead 8

Meticulously restored American Bantam 

What a coincidence I am still crazy too

Traditional HOT Rod at it's best

Auburn Boat-tail replica

Three of these powered a PT Boat - Corky Coker has some neat stuff huh?
Coker tire now has a wood wheel shop
Corky's museum is crazy
Old Yellowstone White tour bus

Hey it is Tennessee, she was a house pet and loves car shows! 

 I think the Chattanooga cruise is one of the best ones!

In a previous blog I mentioned the Hupmobile that sat high in the sky visible by Long Island Railroad riders NYC bound.
I do have to admit I became a little obsessed with it using Google Map images to locate it. I did track down the man that put it there and learned it was a hacked up sedan with a rotting wood body. 
It had been updated with a MOPAR slant six, auto transmission and hydraulic brakes - not a custom shop truck for Hupmobile or something like that. Once it looked like this. Even stock has a limited value, hacked up other than a novelty even less. 
I tracked down the new owner of the property who just inherited it with the land and inquired about purchase knowing the cost to get it down was more than the value of the car! The man was a foreigner who starts thinking it is a very valuable car because I asked about it!
The final update, I THINK, is that the car was removed along with the containers and is gone. Is it sitting somewhere else or was it junked?
Will we ever know for sure! Or will we?
The guy never called me knowing I wanted I, oh well!

Packard seems to be the only car that has so many unusual one off builds, but also the name lives on in many neo-classical creations like this one!

It is actually an 1981 Corvette!


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