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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


 Yes it does continue!!
 Zombies Beware!

I think this may have progressed in a few weeks lets see in an upcoming blog

AMC Spirit

Only 1 General Lee this run!

Every Rod Run this guy just keeps cruising the strip - finally a guy who gets it!

Yee Ha!

This may be worth a resto

Petty Grabber blue again?

Does ya have the gamblin bug?

"New" Patina, like Jumbo shrimp!

Just take it in and I will stand by



Is it really still a Jeep?

FYI not a real Thunderbird, but a Replica body!

Now that's a great chopped top on a very hard to do roof

It reminds me of a Venus Fly Trap

Add you own captions

Even the seat fabric is rusty!

Look at that HEMI just a peeking out

A Charger 500

I don't know so don't ask-please!

If I recall I eventually found this twin engine thing

 Long nose

Short nose

Hey ya'all it's Scottie D

Yes the roof comes off

I like different and metalflake so it all worked out great!

One of the Indy Pace Car replicas and the graphics are painted

I eventually found this Plymouth hiding over at the Island parking lot

Nice doggy, oops run!!

A bunch to see here!

Go Team!


Are you a Hatfield?
Or a McCoy?

Barn find
Previous owner find
You got to scan the road because you might miss the Hummer with the late 50's Chevy truck nose!!!  


Go for it I will stay over here why you sort it all out!

There's 2 of them? Nope same guy, LOL!


There it is!

They painted the Catfish!!

Never met a car lover that was a liberal!


 Why is the Rod Run mostly bad mouthed? Is it a Rod Run? There is an actual organized show now in the LeConte Convention center and the large displays of exotic high dollar sports cars was in the CARHUNTER'S opinion pointless, it is a ROD RUN. I have learned that many of the cars in the displays pay to be there so you could put your 1980 Trans Am in there. Most of the vehicles in the building really do not fall into a Street Rod, Hot Rod or Rat Rod theme. What you (hopefully) viewed was a basic freestyle free for all gathering along the road called Parkway and cars gather in the unregulated spots early in the week or a blocker car is placed to save it. Within the many cars are some who just come to enjoy the sights and sounds although most are taken there to sell or swap. Tired of your old ride do some trading! Is a giant swap meet car coral make it a bad thing? NO. Are there cars of interest and unique? YES. Is it a car show. NO. Is it a cruise in. NO. The facts are that most of the "cruiser" traffic is normal everyday cars as most people won't park and walk to see the cars. The other part of the "cruiser" traffic consists of large diesel pickem ups loaded with slightly rowdy kids. Will this ever be a legit Rod Run. NO. CARHUNTER still enjoys walking the Parkway so it gets a thumbs up for what it is.   

This week we show my new Packard
1947 Super Clipper with a 350 and 700R4 auto overdrive!


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