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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The end of 2013 had a short time concept car exhibit on loan from various museum collections around the country

The Heritage Museum and Gardens Sandwich Mass. has their own collection in a replica round barn which was moved out to show some very special cars!
Many car makers looked to Italy for some style and Hudson was no exception!

I mentioned the clash of two worlds sometimes at some museums, I made a very special trip up New England to see this and during my enthusiastic viewing I was reprimanded by an elderly "volunteer" who told me I was putting the vehicles in danger because I was hanging over the barriers!
Take note that the stanchions are visible in almost every photo and when I spoke to the director and explained I was a car enthusiast who knew how to behave around one off concept cars I got an apology and free tickets for my next visit 
The volunteer received a re-training session!
Two worlds should never collide- cars need to be in car museums not gardens and art museums- they are not in the right place 

Quiz, what does the F stand for?
Body builder of Italy

The lighting is more a bunch of pencil beams which makes photos rough, on purpose?

The Buick "Corvette"

The new for 1954 Corvette Body was considered  by Buick (above) and Oldsmobile
 The 1954 Olds F-88 recently sold for 3.3 million!
A story for another blog!
Even Pontiac got into the act
 1954 Bonneville Special

Although Chevrolet eventually was the only production fiberglass 2 seater they even toyed with other versions

 1955 Cadillac LaSalle II concept stinking of Corvette!

A Corvair- MONZA SS

I did enjoy the cars in spite of being singled out! 

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