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Monday, November 3, 2014


Once upon a time Sunbeam Bread had a large operation in Nashville Tennessee 
 The bakery closes and Jeff Lane steps in, restores the long dormant building and builds a rather unusual and interesting collection 
Yeah I know "I don't like foreign cars" oh just tighten your tutu and enjoy this blog!
 The bakery area with its wood floors became the museum display area (blog will follow) 

Operating such a large fleet from the building made it a car collectors future dream!
 Always a plus when you hear the parking garage is open! This is where the delivery trucks were loaded and parked 
 Always prototypes out here


 Old electric van with the NY registration and inspection stickers still in place

 You thought they only made scooters?

I have been here before, but had a slow day and it was on the way. I find out the basement tour is open today, BASEMENT?
There's a BASEMENT?
No need to beat me up I am in lets go downstairs quick!

A maintenance shop, parts storage sorted by country, rotating display vehicles form the museum floor and cars awaiting their turn for restoration 

 Look at the size of this place!!
There are 500+ vehicles in the collection,this is only one aisle.At any given moment only about 120 are in the main display area.

 It was a guided group tour so I had to keep up and try to absorb everything while shooting photos. 
 That proved more difficult than walking and chewing gum so I am sorry I do not have all the facts of what we saw and believe me it was a lot to take in!

 A French car influenced by the Ford Thunderbird 
 CIVIC does spell the same forward or backwards so why not build a reversible car? 

 Jeff Lane has a uncanny ability to acquire prototypes and cars never seen in the USA

OK an American Car, go ahead guess what it is?

 So hard to park in Japan Honda offered an accessory mini bike to get to your final destination 

 Low production Nissan concept cars

 Nissan Piaggio

 Holy shabankies a MINI MINI!
Goggomobile Dart 1957?

Did you make it this far? Did you guess?
Ben F. Gregory built this obscure little know car because it is the only prototype built and in 1947 it had a 4 cylinder rear engine with front wheel drive. A company was never formed and no plans to produce the car ever happened so this is truly the only one in the world and was recently discovered! 

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