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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Like I said each month I will try to spotlight a famous custom car from the past.
This one is strange because it was or at least credited to The Self Proclaimed King of Kustomizers George Barris. I do not remember the car at all and it appears it wound up in the UK.

Touted as an attempt to break the 1971 World Speed Record.
Just another silly claim and scheme. The Land Speed Record  set in 1970 by Gary Gabelich in "The Blue Flame" varied based on the different scoring conditions, but exceeded 600 MPH at any glance!
The Barris? "Snake Pit" was powered by 6, yes SIX FORD 351 cubic inch COBRA engines, 12 4bbl carbs, 2 C6 auto transmissions and produced a whopping 2000 Horsepower or should I say stillborn at a little over 300 horsepower each, lame! Two 500 HP race engines could have done the job. It was 23 feet long and crafted in all steel.  We can only demise that this was just another brilliant attempt to gain some much needed attention. There is no proof that this thing was even drivable and if it was never was able to break any speed limits in the street. It has been discussed that the car was built for a movie that never was filmed. 

2 shifters? Further debunking the 300 MPH claim, I would guess having 2 separate transmissions would have the car making turns at high speed if not matched?
At least this young lady liked it!
Look who supplied the engines Larry Schanota! Who? I think it meant to read Larry Shinoda who created the BOSS 302 Mustang and also left his mark in the Corvette saga. 
So once again the car is connected to one man and the truth is the car was commissioned by California Show Cars and although part of a team which included Harry Bradley,Joe Bailon, Jay Ohrberg and Gene Winfield someone took the spotlight. To be honest I did not know of this car and that is probably because it was across the pond all this time. 
My mechanic called to tell me he can't fix my brakes so he made my horn louder! 

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