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Sunday, January 26, 2014


This one is close to the "Homer"!

Displayed at the 1962 Worlds Fair in, can you guess? Seattle!

I think the car was never a full size, but a cleverly photographed down sized scale model?
It was a 3/8 scale model only. The photo with the woman is just some clever positioning and angles.

 Figure 4 showed a heads up display of vehicle important data ,road maps,traffic conditions and weather! Can you say GPS!

Need 2 drivers to work those controls?

Push button steering input and are those throttle levers?
All ahead 2/3 Mr. Roberts!

The front power unit was detachable and could be swapped for another one! A 40HP power plant for around town economy and 400 HP one for the open road! Figure 1.  
I am going go out on limb and say we never got anything like this one!
The concept car never surfaced again, maybe its tucked away in Detroit or in a Detroit area junk yard? NOPE! It was only  a model!!!
Gerry Anderson had a crazy imagination and his shows have become cult classics. I will look into the cars of this man later, but I had to sneak this one in here now!
Three years after the 6 wheel Seattle-ite XXI from 1965-1966 on the BBC, then 1966 and 1968 Movies, International Rescue operated undercover agents headed by Rich Aristocrat Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward who drove around in the FAB 1 Chauffeured by Cockney Butler Aloysius "Nosey" Parker!
Again you are probably saying huh?
Yup a real life replica, I'll show more from the one I shot in Florida later.
The four front steering wheels look familiar. 

1966 movie shows hydrofoils deployed! 

 Lady P was no slouch!
Did I mention the entire show was puppets? 
1/5 scale! Coinkidink, huh?
In 2004 we got a mainstream Thunderbirds movie which went largely un-noticed, but we did get a Fab1 based on what else? A Ford Thunderbird!

50 years apart

Actual people this time 1:1 scale.
The TV show is coming back in 2015 so stand by!
Did we need 4 front tires and did Gerry Anderson get the idea from the Seattle-ite XXI?

"The more wheels it's got, the better I like it, I'm the son of a truck drivin mother! Boogetty Boogetty!"
Quoted Cledis Snow (no relation to Hank Snow)  from Smokey and the Bandit twice now, I miss Jerry Reed!
Do we need 4 tires up front?
You know the drill bad Fab 1's on the way!
This bad roof 4 DOOR one was at Gerry Anderson's funeral a year ago, he was 83. 

They replicate everything in Lego now!

 Huh? Why not make it pink?
I know, but it looks like a Fab 1

I shot this next one in the Dezer Collection in North Miami, so far the most accurate one.

Notice the next one is a 4 door sedan with heavy modifications, except the 4 door are still there up into the roof.

Sean Connery's last movie, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman had a 6 wheeler known as Nemo's car. 
Or Nautilus Car.

Although many models were made, a full size one does exist!
500 Cubic inch Caddy engine and turbo 400 trans!

OK One in every crowd, right?
  Must have liked this show? 

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