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Saturday, January 11, 2014


This was my second stop in Chicago area. Volo Auto Museum and I had been told by a rather opinionated Chicagoan that this place was a joke. Bypassed it on past hunts through Illinois! I always say keep an open mind and form your own opinions. Like a few places I visited it was a Village more than a building, it was very cold this day and I was shocked to find many cars outside. To explain the set up I would have to say its more of a classic car dealership with salesmen and many of the vehicles on display were for sale. Many of the cars outside were sold and ready for transport and pick up. There are several antique markets within which are more like booth set ups within a building.
                                                           What's this a Benz replica?
Looked a little gimmicky to me, but then I entered and walked through a 50's style diner and into the Duesenberg Room and a very elegant collection of this fine automobile and my opinion was swayed!
The place was actually crowded and have to figure the movie cars and all the gimmicks like the plane used in True Lies housing an Arnold look a like keep people coming and that is good, I think?
                                                      SOLD CARS WAITING PICK UP
                                                                           Star Cars
Theres the family Maroon color again!
                          There were quite a few cars just owned by someone famous so I skipped them.
                                                 The kids like it! Plenty of cars for sale!
                                               George barris signed a lot of the cars??????

                                                          Hey looked who showed up!
BART SIT UP STRAIGHT! I have to admit I was kept amused and lets do a part 2 showing the more serious cars and for sale vehicles next time.

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