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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Sorry those who know me well realize I got to rant a little!! Ok so buckle up for a minute!

Please stop posting videos to youtube of still photos, that is not a video!

That would be a photo album, even worse put some corny music to it!
You know who you are!

STOP doing this - don't colorize old movies and don't make a picture of a vintage car rusting away with all it's natural patina into a cartoon.
You know who you are!
If you heard of a car museum or visited one back in 1969 make sure it is actually still there before you do the world the great service of compiling a list of museums to visit!
As I posted this I was in the middle of trying to figure out if a museum still actually existed? 
 Appomattox-Northampton Antique Car Museum in Parksley Virginia is listed in several well know car buff sites. The museum is listed in many of the travel tourist sites and at least 2 chamber of commerce type sites trying to drum up visitors. I finally get through on the phone number and it is an auto repair shop and they inform me the museum became part of the Railway Museum complex, there is no mention on their website. I call the Railway Museum and they inform me the auto museum was nearby and never had anything to do with them. The auto museum had closed at least 5 years ago!  
You know who you are! You are on a very long list of guilty parties on this one!!
If you are nice enough to put together a youtube video of the big rod run remember you ain't Cecil B. DeMille so refrain from the rolling credits, special effects and blank frames to heighten the suspense!
Try not to use the camera to see where you are walking unless you are doing a video about sneakers.
Explain to the wife and kids that you are taping and everything they say can be heard in the posted video. 
I am glad Timmy likes french fries and spiderman, but it kinda ruins the moment!
You know who you are! 
So you want to share some classic car photos with us or did you want to share that tree with us?
A rule of thumb when taking car photos is of course a proper angle and fill the frame with the car, you were not taking a photo of the park right?
Rule of thumb get the sun behind you or this what you get, some new cameras actually have a glare reduction feature and yes sometimes you have no choice. Clearly the photographer could have moved to the passenger side! Look where the sun is!
You know who you are!

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