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Monday, January 13, 2014


Now I heard everything, I had walked through the antiques markets and I remember thinking it was creepy. This was once an old farmhouse, part of a dairy farm. The Grams family once lived in the house before converting into an antiques mall and the property into the auto museum. Brian Grams mom decided to do some research after many many reports of mysterious cigar smoke, voices and even people seeing a man in a civil war uniform appear. Mom found the original owners of the farm house lost their very young son in the civil war and he is buried just outside that house, yup he smoked cigars!  How strong is this story? A radio personality who spent the night there as a cynic experienced not only feelings of a strange presence, but reported to have been touched several times and even pushed a little! 
Radio personalities Joe Cicero and Tina Bree from Star 105.5 spent some time in the antique barn at the Volo Auto Museum. They say they were touched by a spectral spirit and heard footsteps. Radio personalities Joe Cicero and Tina Bree from Star 105.5 spent some time in the antique barn at the Volo Auto Museum. The stories of the barn being haunted have grabbed national headlines, and even prompted the Discovery Channel to center an episode of its television show “Ghost Lab” around it in 2010.
The photos above show an unexplained skull appearing! 
Is someone peering in that window? 
Discovery Channels Ghost Lab did an investigation show from here and I think even they were surprised!
Every board in the antique mall creaked and I have to admit it was spooky even though other people were around I kept thinking some one was next to me when no one was! Who you gonna call? Stand by for the next blog!  
At least the car museum was not haunted! LOL!
On the serious side there were many more antique and classic cars with some pretty nice ones for sale.


Never pass a Packard without taking a photo! My motto!

Hey look another building Tom's garage!


Did I forget to mention the Military Museum? 

Sound effects and authentic museum quality items!
One more FYI the 66 Batmobile shown in part 1 as the center piece of the George Barris display has no mention that the replica is not in any way actually connected to George Barris. Purchased from the builder by the Volo folks and placed in the museum!  

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