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Monday, September 23, 2013

DAY 6 PARTS 3 & 4

GATEWAY CLASSIC CARS HAS SEVERAL MIDWEST LOCATIONS.this was truly a variety store of cars for sale, billed also as a museum so I drove back into Collinsville Il. after rush hour to check it out.Not sure what it used to be, but in rather beat up old shopping center. FYI Collinsville Ill. refers to itself as St. Louis although in a different state!!
Next stop Auto World in Fulton Mo. and was not sure what to expect? It was a long drive and I was starting to think is it worth it? William Backer, a real down to earth car loving man who just happened to be Backer Potato chips in the midwest, got to make your fortune someplace built some collection!! Mr. backer recently passed and his family formed a foundation to preserve the collection.He literally starts off in the beginning with a replica of Henry Fords Quadracycle, really the 1st Ford. Some of the rarest cars put into street scenes and themes, although lighting was bad I got some good shots!! Some museums like to put concentrated spot lights on the cars, but from a photo standpoint it makes for poor photos. Again just a teaser and one day I will add a Flickr set.He actually chronicles the history of the automobile!
Sorry for any duplicates I am having a rough time loading photos in the hotel room. Something new for me I should be doing a radio call in field report from Pioneer Village in Minden Nebraska 12:40 pm on Motormouth radio, 90.3 in Long Island. You can listen on the website. I will be following Sonny Shroyer, Deputy Enos of the Tv show Dukes of Hazzard, we have a lot in common - big crush on Daisy Duke!! She did drive a Roadrunner for awhile!!

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