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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Even though I am heading out for an 18 day road trip on the 13th I decided to spend the day CARHUNTING the Sunday before. I am pretty much ready to roll, the weather was perfect and a chance to see some friends I have not seen in awhile were all good excuses! The Radnor Hunt Concours D'Elegance was very well done and the car selection was awesome, they put aside areas for clubs to display outside the Elegance itself and that is a great idea!! Eventually this will be a monthly Flickr update, but showing some of the more unique cars here now.
A quick egress and on the way back I hit the Hot Rod Hoedown in Oakford PA. A small gathering and I am glad I stopped although these 2 shows could not be further apart in themes! There are always some hidden gems and just great cars at these shows!
In one day from Sinatra to Rockabilly, cool day!! I am going to attempt a blog each day on my trip to update my trek!! Stay Tuned same Bat Channel!

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