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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Kearney Nebraska claims to be the exact middle of the United States although National Geographics says other, but why argue I am using it to split my CARHUNTING Safaris in half WEST/EAST! This classic car collection is hidden behind a Cabelas outdoor superstore and is mostly a private collection saved and welcomed by Kearney!! This will need a Flickr page although for some odd reason most photos I took were poor?
Go East!! Just for the afternoon to Lincoln at least then back out West again! If you have not I suggest checking out Speedway Motors multiple aftermarket catalogues and Speedy Bill as he known all over Nebraska has built a museum that not only is the history of Speed, but the lifelong collections of his late wife and himself that can not be told in this short blog so look forward to a Flickr set or sets!! Rare engines and hop up parts, including Model T and flathead tributes are just a small part! This tour varies, but right now at exactly 2pm and guided was a full house when I went through. Hey you get a bunch of stories to go along with the walk through and Jerry kept us interested!!
I have decided to monitor one vehicle from the Lambrecht Chevrolet Auction, one that really sparked my interest although I am resisting! It is a 1947 Dodge medium duty chassis cab - it was very solid and other than the rear window very complete.
The auction is under way live soon and there were several of these older trucks - my fav is at $250 right now! Most cars were rather rough, but there are bids on it all, guys looking over wrecks and from what I saw on line one guy is bidding on a lot of them so looks like they are going to another field for awhile? The "new" inventory is going for crazy $$$ I had my head in all the new cars and will update the blog shortly, Top dog is the 58 Cameo truck with now 1.3 miles at $47,000 miles?? Had 1.1 did they pull it. The parts are laying in the field and rain was coming?? The parts are just lots and should have been catalogued and sold individually? Bad timing because the big Barrett Jackson in Las Vegas is this weekend!
A quick update of day 1 Lambrecht Chevy auction= these auctions sold on day 1 Corvette pedal car $16,000, 58 Cameo pickup $140,000, 58 chevy stepside $80,000, 78 anniv Vette $80,000, 64 White Impala $75,000, 63 RED IMPALA $97,500, 65 Blue big block Impala $72,500, 66 white Big Block Impala $45,000, 63 Wagon $30,000, red Corvair $42,000, white Corvair $40,000, 77 Vega $10,500, Blue 69 big block Chevelle with crushed roof and 75,000 miles- $27,000, 59 Impala $16,000, AND MY PICK 47 DODGE TRUCK STILL HOLDING AT $700.00 8:30 PM CST AND IS ON SUNDAY AUCTIONS- NOW I FEEL BETTER IT NEEDS A LOT OF WORK- I WOULD NOT HAVE GONE OVER $1000 LETS WATCH IT AND SEE WHERE IT GOES!!

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