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Monday, September 30, 2013


The Lambrecht Chevrolet auction was the conduit that extended about a weeks original roadtrip into a crazy 18 day Safari for a CARHUNTER! Just a quick update from the hotel and I am finally heading back East. Besides the GPS getting confused I did spot Pierce in the distance and pointed towards it this is no BS although it was calling for thunderstorms there was a fantastic rainbow just beyond the town, really!! Although forecast for thunderstorms it only rained for about a minute while I was there and the never ending wind blew the clouds away and the sun came out at least while I was there. The pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow exists for the Lambrechts and I am happy for them as the auction brought in more money than I expected!! It also made Mrs. Vanderbrink a bundle and hear the first stop is the hairstylist! Sorry could not resist. I will do a more extensive blog and Flickr page or pages. The 1947 Dodge truck which was the CARHUNTERS pick sold for $3800 , a good truck, but certainly not worth that much? I just found 2 identical trucks for sale one for $1800 and one for $1350. Can't figure out what made people spend so much for some of these cars and trucks.
A parking lot at a sports event? Nah!
Woodstock? Nah!
500 vintage cars that have been in a field for 5 decades in some cases and included about 50 cars that were never prepped, delivered or driven with sticker prices still in place and never titled less than 10 miles on them, only MSO (Manufacturer Statement of Origin)? You bet your sweet Stovebolt!!
And the new ones, a row of brand new 64-66 Pick ups!!
If you fill the field they will come!!
I was going to see a private collection in Iowa and they called to tell me they will not be available Friday at all, were they at the auction? Too bad because the time worked out perfect, but I did get to a private Saab collection- yes SAAB! Tom Donnelly has a world land speed record car, just sold a car to Jay Leno and bought most of the cars GM had restored during the time they owned Saab.When they unloaded Saab they sold all the cars. The most exciting one was the 1 of 5 hand made prototypes that led to the Sonet II.I found the collection by accident as is next to my hotel in Iowa!! My GPS had problems all day, I kind of knew it, but it could not find the Lambrecht auction, but I figured it was close enough I predicted- WRONG!! Sent me to a dirt road on the wrong side of Pierce. I eventually followed traffic towards what I thought was the town and found it, it was circus with cars for sale lining the roads. I prepaid for parking in the Golf course next to the farm, bypassed the lines and price gougers then just walked right in!! The GPS then spent the rest of the day getting off track in IOWA. Took me off a 4 lane 65 mph highway and sent me down a back road, I over shot the exit and the GPS showed me off the road like it did not exist? Tried 3 times to send me down gravel paths then once I guessed to get back on the highway it tried to get me off 4 more times. Turns out the highway went almost directly to the hotel and I drove all the way through that city to make sure I was there!! Always review directions just in case!!

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