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Friday, September 13, 2013

DAY 1 9/13/13

The start of an 18 day road trip, wake up in NYC and hit the road in the wee hours of the morning and after 2 museum stops en-route I am down in Pigeon Forge Tennessee for the Fall Grand Rod Run. A small teaser as they will be parts of monthly Flickr updates one day. Evers Auto Museum in Staunton Virginia was actually kind of Gas Station/convenience store, but Mr. Evers was a local racer and this is his collection. He had a friendship with Ronnie Sox of the famous Sox and Martin drag racing duo, Ronnie recently lost his battle with CANCER. This car was a great surprise as it is the original 1965 altered wheelbase Sox and Martin drag racer piloted by Ronnie Sox himself!!
Originally sold to Roy Clark of country music fame and later sold back to Ronnie Sox. Also within the museum was a recreation of an old general store with authentic vintage merchandise!!
All aboard next stop Greeneville Tennessee for the City Garage museum and the building amongst others was a Dodge dealer in the past. This is the brainchild of Mr. Bewley who's parents operated a Packard Dealership that migrated into GM/Subaru and they even sponsored Buick NASCAR teams. The building is accross the street from the Andrew Johnson Birthplace, 17th President of The US and the Nathanael Greene museum. The collection is an eclectic gathering of mostly cars owned by various family members and there is a theme of those crazy hybrid sports cars like, Delorean, Excaliber, Pantera Detomaso, Bricklin and one off creation that never went beyond the one assembled>
I hit the edge of Pigeon Forge at 3:15 and I know its a good one because I already hit the wall of cruiser traffic. This Rod Run has become the best in my opinion and keeps growing with new cars every time I am here! Checked in the hotel and hit the pavement for about 3 hours, when the sun got to that bad angle I slipped into dinner on an outside porch so I could watch the action and then got about an hour of shaded sun. Hard to get photos at night because there is too much neon and lights at the stores causing glare behind the vehicles. I have already shot 100"s of photos and doing a walk around of a little less than 2/3 of the area saw some crazy stuff to HUNT for tomorrow. I am here all day tomorrow so a solid 12 hours of CAR HUNTING! Just a few of what I shot already.

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