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Thursday, July 10, 2014


When you have a forum to reach out to fellow collectors it is an obligation to assist and protect, correct?
I have researched several of the fantastic cars on the site for sale, but caution keeps me from registering which is mandatory to even report any scam ads. 

 The deal of the century a 72 Cuda 340 with a/c and it looks great with only 93,000 miles ready for a quick sale $8000- Holy Hemispherical Batman! 
I start scrutinizing the ad and it says Allegheny Pennsylvania, but has a NY zip code and comes up also with a small town near Albany - address West 219 street- huh? Persons name does not match the name in the email? A car like this would be a steal at $20,000, if you actually found this for $8,000 it would probably be in a long dormant garage being sold by some old lady who knew nothing other than her son passed away and the car sat in the garage for 20 years.
I actually throw the fishing pole out and the fish bites!
The car is in Holland and they need to sell it because it is too expensive to register there.
What a deal they will ship the car to my address in the USA and only upon my inspection will they take any money from me! Every photo sent to me shows New York State registraion stickers 2011 and the cars in the background have NYS stickers on the windshields, obviously they copied previous ad photos and wrote their own story!
Let me know if that one works for you too?
Stay away from cars on this site, if they want to challenge me blasting them I dare them to examine some of the ads first or have an open contact to report scams or are they the scam?
$18,000 Superbird anyone?
$7000 Cuda?
The part that leads you in is that it appears you found a steal as the cars are listed as Prowlers, Voyagers and other Plymouth names- hey no one will find this one because it is listed wrong! 
I am assuming how it works is once they get your juices flowing a glitch comes up and the shipper has the car, but funds from Holland (or where ever else) got hung up so your buddy overseas just needs you to lay out about $2000 as a favor to release the car so all they need from you is $6000 (or give you a break on the price because of the hold up) upon delivery of the car that was originally $8000. In other cases I heard of them asking for more money using the logic that it will speed up the arrival of the car and just less money you need to have with you at delivery!
There might actually be some real ads here or maybe they are part of the scam. Like I said let these guys prove they are legit and I will update this, but a 10 year old child could figure this one out. Why they just did not use actual zip codes in the city they used as the scam is nuts.
Buyer Beware!
If it is too good to be true that is correct!


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