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Monday, July 7, 2014


Ah yes my friends its time for another concept car, this time from the jet age
The 1958 Plymouth Tornado
 The car has quite the history, but is it true?
 It is built on a 1958 Plymouth Fury chassis that could be the only link to Plymouth
 A poly 318 wide block small block

A push button shifted auto tranny

The car surfaced and billed as an historic Plymouth built concept car

 Each time purchased by some semi famous eccentric it always wound up wasting away in some field
Anyone notice the hood, 49 Ford Pickup? 

 Appears at some time it was painted black, but reported to have originally been grey
The car is very reminiscent of one of the Spohn built cars from Germany and I am working on a feature, but need to pop one in here for the effect!

 The most realistic story is the car was built in the 60's for a B movie then either the builder or new owner started to do  the car show circuit and probably invented the story  
My vote is a custom that over the years evolved into its current persona
This next one crossed my path as it was for sale over a long period of time 
1957 Desoto S11 radical custom although originally presented as a lost Desoto concept car too
Once again a story that almost made sense, a floor manager who worked on the Desoto Assembly plant took a bunch of spare parts from Desoto and created this,never confirmed
Cars like this are tempting especially when they are fairly affordable, but will you be accepted into the high end circles or just cast off as another custom? You will either be invited to Concours D'Elegance events or become one of those cars people almost always walk past at car shows without a second glance?
 Never determined if it has been done recently there are many clues that most of this did not happen in the 60's, they even changed the story that it was an old school custom featured in HOT ROD magazine
Did it start with a similar stock 57 Desoto?
 Who knows many people think it was a recent radical custom job probably based on an early 50's Mopar business coupe, hey even has a fake vin tag

We may never know!
The most amazing part of these two cars is George Barris  never came up once!
With no place else to go with this one let us take off to the wild blue yonder. 
A car needs a vertical stabilizer,jet intake and nose cone correct?
Jet Fighters the new rage fired many a designers imagination, did we want to drive a Fighter Plane?

 Ford 1954 FX-Atmos
 1959 Cadillac Cyclone
The Harley Earl GM Firebirds

 1969 Pontiac Cirrus
 1953 Bertone Bat 5
 1961 Ford Gyron
1969 Chevy Astro III
1954 Lancia Auielia PF200C
1960 Plymouth XNR
1951 Buick LeSabre

1956 Buick Centurion 

1959 Ghia Streamline X Gilda

1950 Studebaker Starlight Coupe
 A "Jet" that went into production

You would have thought a car named Jet would have looked like one?

Moller Sky cars coming at ya

 Yes they actually built convertable flying cars, no taxi needed after landing

 James Bond Flying Matador
Whats a Matador?
 Yes you need to tow your wings and tail
 1956 Aerocar
 It's a bird,it's a plane, it's a PINTO
 Mizar Prototype
This one went down in flames with it creators!

Terrafugia Transition 

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