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Monday, July 14, 2014


I can not find one reason why in Australia the following cars were produced and sold as they were?
 Spotted anything strange yet?
 All of these cars were sold in the USA as Plymouth Fury models!
 In Australia they were Dodge Phoenix! 
Looks like only 4 door sedans and hardtops, no 2 doors 
Why didn't they just use the Dodge bodies? Why make new parts when a Dodge existed? 

The best I can tell tell Dodges were Dodges up until 1965 when the Plymouth Body was re badged a Dodge until 1971, but it seems to have been the end of the line as no 1972 "C" body as we call em existed down under? 
 Ah yes the Australian UTE short for Utility, we may call em El Camino or Ranchero here, maybe a pick up   
 A 1968 Dodge Phoenix UTE 
 Stop drooling it is a custom build

In South Africa Chrysler 383  
 Oddly enough these were Dodge Polara or Monaco models 
Simply called a Chrysler 383, was that the only engine choice?

From 1951-1960 Chrysler sold the Dodge Regent and Dodge Mayfair and these wers basically low cost Plymouth's, but had Dodge nose/grille assemblies 

What appears to be a few Dodge light duty trucks are actually Fargo's 
 Who goes? In Canada and around the world Fargo trucks for the most part were Dodge's
 Fargo was a truck and car builder 1913-1922 and Chrysler purchased the company in 1928 while building the empire
The Fargo name was used for Chryslers truck line around the globe

Chrysler had production all over the world and the Fargo trucks reflected foreign built vehicles after 1972

 Today the Fargo name is still alive in Turkey

My favorite is probably the Desoto trucks yes still around today, Desoto was one of the original long gone Chrysler Marques

 How cool would it be to have a Desoto pickup truck?

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