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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I am glad it was worth the trip 
 It is clear paving roads is not a priority up in Canada, I tried several times to out smart the GPS 
Damn artificial intelligence, 15 mile dirt and rut filled road that had street signs including speed limit signs, yikes!

The mirrors gave a larger and better view of the cars very cool collection 

I like this place, it was all over the place and a few very nice muscle cars like this Charger 500
383 4 speed

I always thought all the 500's had the flat window plug used on the Daytonas and Superbirds for NASCAR - 1970 haad standard Charger rear window on the 500

Vintage clothing and motion triggered music at many of the cars 

I am not a big Ford guy nor Mustang fan, but this 73 351 4 speed was fantastic 

I do not believe this a stock car as the Grande was not available with the hood, I may be wrong, regardless I really like this car!
Thats a 351 Cleveland And he had 4 of them, damn mirrors LOL!
This one also unusual as a convertible!

NO Exxon up here and Imperial is Esso
I spotted this classic car dealer, but looks like a distant memory 

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