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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


The Ancient Arabic Order of the nobles of the Mystic Shrine known officially now as Shriner's International and we know them best known for the Shriner's Children Hospitals. 
No it is not an Arabic Religious group, but the only qualification is members must be Masons, not to get into the Order or the specifics, lets just say it is a fraternity
In 1920 it was voted that a hospital for crippled children would be built and over the years it grew to 22 facilities in the USA, Canada and Mexico 

Through fund raising no child nor family was billed for care, but in 2012 due to financial difficulties they started to bill the insurance companies
They still continue to treat those children without coverage for free
The most famous activity for the Shriner's is the Parade Unit where they are seen driving the coolest little cars in formations or using a Suburban ramp truck  

 Let in the clowns!

 Bucking or also known as wheelie cars

 All for the kids and the kids love em!
The Motor Patrol unit in tight formation!

You tell me if you think these guys are having fun?

 Double enders

Hats off to the Shriner's everywhere, do you know any other group or organization have so much CAR fun for a great cause!
Make sure you tell a Shriner they are doing a great job!
"We Ride so Children can Walk!"

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