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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Many PROJECT cars nothings being driven out of here! 

It appears to be a very neat and organized layout, even tested for environmental issues and no one is pressuring him to clear out. Why is he selling most of them, besides the sanity part? The property cost $35,000 and he was offered 1.5 million for it, call your accountant and get his advise! 
Murray King traveled coast to coast of Canada building cabinets and always had room for an old car he spotted and brought em home!

 Very rare green package for the environmentalists Grass Carpet

 Mercury pick up 

 The most complete car I saw
 This Dodge was labeled as a 67, its a 70's car

 Labeled as a Plymouth Duster, this Dodge Dart 340 has seen better days 
 You get 2 Dodge Challenger fenders with it, where is the Challenger? 
 A 340 Duster

 A Packard
 Fargo panel truck
 Mercury Ranchero
 Nash Metropolitan
 English Hillman Minx and it is left hand drive
August 16th so hurry up to Alberta Canada - you won't see me there!

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