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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


While trying not to get too technical lets just put this out there, what has a 12 cylinders in a 60 degree v,  with a 5 1/2" bore, 6" stroke, weighs 1,395 lbs. dry, 6.65:1 compression ratio and puts out about 1500 Horsepower? Yes all 1710 Cubic inches is what we are talking about. The V1710 in all its glory.
Where does this thing belong? Many different aircraft used this power plant. 
the P39,P40,P38 and my favorite the P51 known as the Mustang.
Again quickly because its a long story from the first Allison built engine in 1930, Allison/GM  sound familiar? Many variations and stages of design followed with Merlin/Rolls Royce and Packard. Henry Ford opted out of the mix to build these as you may or may not know his allegiance was slightly confused at times. He did not want to build anything that would actually be attacking certain foreign lands. More on that at another time.  Various supercharger and turbocharger designs followed. About 70,000 engines were built. Thats a lot of big engines, huh?
Not big enough huh?
This is the V3420 - yes double your pleasure and double your fun!
24 Cylinder 3,420 cubic inches it has both turbocharger and supercharger 2,600 horsepower! Only 13 engines built for the GM/Fisher P75 Experimental.
My first exposure to this engine was as a kid building models and yes both of these are in the basement!
A stock 1969 Thunderbird body on a funny car chassis with our engine in it, 2 versions "BIG AL" or "Allison Thunderland" 

It also came in an engine "parts pack" in chrome.
Both these kits reissued recently.
The question is what the?
Don't bother I already called, long gone. You could have bought brand new V1710 V12 aircraft engines for $350 so this can explain why they started to show up and still to this day in some crazy race cars at first and then in just about anything!

Don't rub your eyes it does have 4 V12's - so that is 6840 cubic inches and about 6000 horsepower if they are still stock?

Art Arfons Green Monster's were v12, he went on to set some land speed records

Art Arfons did advance to Jet Powered cars after this, I guess he followed aviation innovations.

Big Al is credited as the first funny car with lift off fiberglass body and is pretty much all engine! Seems to be two of them, one on ebay this year and one I saw in the Don Garlits museum last March.

Yes sir that is an Opel GT! Plus+++
This is the 1954 Cramer Comet a very well engineered Buick with a V1710 in it!

BMW Isetta!
This 55 Chevy is insane!

Yup the street rod below has one.

Aha this Rover 3500 has one.
Lunacy Trike with the V12

Notice this is the V24 3420 engine above

E.J. Potter put the v12 in a Dart Wagon and 57 Plymouth

 Swandean Spitfire Special 1953

Yup 39 Chevy with V12 now


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  2. Rolls Royce Merlin wasn't a variant of the Alison engine,Merlin was a stand alone built and designed in Britain engine and Ford uk built Merlin engines . The Beast,the Bentley,the Rover SDI and a number of others use British Rolls Royce designed Merlin engines.