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Sunday, March 16, 2014


A German Irish car?
 After winter use of a snowplow!
The little fellas are scaring me!

I almost published the blog and then I discovered this!
 It gets strange, an American businessman decides to build an Irish luxury car for import to the USA
Maybe not that strange as we all know John Delorean chose Ireland to build this next one.
 Come on you know I would find a green one!
 Big plans went south fast, heavy and underpowered with only a 1.5L Austin Engine.
 You can't get the rear tire off without dropping the axle!
 At least one was repainted green and I would have thought with a name like Shamrock they all should have been green!
 They left the factory white and were dubbed the Irish T-Bird
 Hopes of 10,000 units
 Only 10 were built
 Only 10 were built 1959-1960 although some sources say 60 cars.
 Looks like only 8 exist today
 All fiberglass bodies
When the factory closed they dumped the rest of parts in Lough Muckno, a local lake- really!
 Might as well get Ireland done another car built in this country in the late 80's
These were built in Ireland
only 39 built above
 Concept for 1990 below with 50MPG never happened!
Frank Costin built many odd cars, but not in Ireland

The late Frank Costin had designed many unique cars, but never really impacted his own marque for mass production

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