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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I have attended this show twice and will try to keep it on the must attend show, easy to get to with ample parking 
Although a relatively new show it is starting to mold itself into the premier street rod and custom place to be in the North East! 4th annual show!
 Start off in gasoline alley
 Old Skool
 Rat Rods 
 Spot anything missing on this one above?
 Street Rods

Vargo Dragway in Perkasie PA. was turned into a runway, but still there although pretty rough!
Can you say lite em up?

 What a set up
 Twins separated at birth with different mothers! 

This Chevy was built on "Fast N' Loud" 
Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage made an appearance about 2 hours after I left

 My guess is this guy was not breast fed!
Some impressive work 
 Monday AM he has an appointment to pull a building down

The cool cars get the cheerleaders!

Much like the big street rod shows the Grand Prize "Northeast Cup" is becoming prestigious with a $10,000 prize total!
They have the Elite 6 finalists who get $2000 each and one of the 6 gets the 1st place prize

I walk into the show actually minutes before the official opening time of 10am and as I walk into the second hall they are already doing the Elite 6 announcements so I kinda missed it.
 My error not doing the research, but I should have documented the Elite 6, I may have by accident lets see? Well I missed 2 of them- A 69 Chevelle Jack Stone  and a 69 Nova Tom Bain

ELITE 1 of 6 Rocky Boler 33 Ford

Looking on-line this car showed at one time for sale in Texas $175,000
Showed up with an owner/builder in Pennsylvania
For sale on a Long Island dealers site, but in Connecticut $245,000 
This one was crazy, but did not get into the Elite 6
Forward facing camera - can't see over the engine I guess?

 Great idea for signage 
The Winner is Alan Beers 
1957 Chevy Truck
I spent a lot of time looking this one over
I was thinking the thing is so cool they got away with a rather mundane Silver  
Notice the plate Great 8 ala Ridler award, yup he was a 2013 Great 8 up in Detroit 
Well deserved
The Northeast Cup winner

 Old school corvette body mods with modern driveline!

So many subtle yet radical mods I thought Dave Warner had a chance for the cup, well done custom! 
 ELITE 3 of 6
I see a dog, a working dog assisting a woman, but the dog is absolutely in love with the car and keeps walking back to it, notice the name of the car? I never saw a dog who liked a car so much. This dog is really into this car!!??
 Now I got it, LOL!

Must really like the Smurfs?

Yikes this was supposed to be Bo Dukes car and they were in business!
Not selling T-shirts and memorabilia, the wife and kids were present and even a playpen behind the car.

Harley Earl himself commissioned MAYBE 5 plastic bubble tops for the new Corvette that all went to GM executives, impractical and not known how many actually survived like this one just sitting in the corner un-noticed!  About 20 aftermarket tops were made, never spoke to this owner to get the story. Conflicting stories say 25 tops were made by Model Builders Inc. out of Chicago. The $500 cost was out of whack with the $3000 Corvette.
Another case of something very rare being ignored
These 2 GEMS were for sale, hurry!

Bulldog told me come back Sunday and this would be done, nah by next years show he will bring it back good as new!
Perfect, an overhead cam 6 cylinder 69 Firebird restored stock!
Bet the plate throws everyone off? 

Do you have a Woody?
This was the place to show it last weekend
Red Ram Hemi

Well documented Fiberglass orhan 

ELITE 4 of 6 Ken Hollingsworth 63 1/2 Ford

This Hemi car below has a very rare fiberglass nose and deck lid from the factory, more on it later.
I had visited the car last year.  

A Yenko late 70's Malibu, love it!

Really liked this 65 Mercury Comet Cyclone- unique

427 SOHC 
1961 Ford 

 Always check out the parking lot on the way home!

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