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Sunday, March 9, 2014


Do you remember your first love? Would you like to forget your first love?


The Ridler Award is the highest honor at the Detroit Autorama which was just held and a 2014 winner has emerged, lets talk about the award and the 2007 winner above first.  
Winner gets a 1/3 scale replica of trophy after holding the actual award for 1 year, $10,000, a special jacket and all the next years first place winners will feature the likeness of the previous years winners car on their award.
Don Ridler was oddly enough an athlete, but became the driving force promoting the Autorama and although he passed away in 1963 his legacy and words live on.
Creativity,Engineering and Workmanship! To be eligible the car must 100% be unveiled at the Detroit Autorama and no exceptions!
It must be minimally operational, start, steer, stop and move- the judges will determine if it is indeed roadworthy.
 Everything other than the body is custom built on the First Love
 Ross Meyers bought the car when he was 9 years old and it sat in the back of a warehouse for decades and he pretty much forgot about it!
His first car, his first love needed a very special customizing, but the body needed to still be true to a 36 Ford.
I got a chance to see the car in it's shrine
 You think they are proud of it?
 It is a very special car
Photos do not do it justice, it is perfect and a worthy winner of the Ridler Award
1967 winner was our last month feature the Deora by Mike of the Alexander Brothers 40 years apart!
It comes down to 8 finalists known as the Great 8
and here are the other 7 for 2007 that competed against First Love

Who won the first Ridler in 1964?
 Al Berger the drag racer with "More Aggravation"
Oddly enough no big famous names of the custom world won the Ridler
This was at the 2006 Detroit Autorama, part of a George Barris design team.
It did not win, surprised?

I am adding the 2014 Great 8 that were named today Friday March 7th
I narrowed the CARHUNTER'S choice down to either #1 or #5 (Riviera)
Which one would you have picked?
Put your glasses on look em over!
As of Saturday the buzz was that the Riviera was going to nab the prize!
The winner of the 2014 Ridler is!


 J.F. Launier of British Columbia Canada!
 1964 Buick Riviera Rivision
 Was in my top 2, but as I reviewed photos I made it the CARHUNTER pick!
 The other 8 cars were excellent, but this one shined
 A well deserved title!
For reference a stock 64 Riviera!
 50th Anniversary of the Ridler
Check the video as it arrived at Cobo Hall

The guy shooting the video was overwhelmed he thought it was a mid engine car, looks like the turbo's are back there and the engine is set back though!

They asked him where he "cut" it and he said "everywhere!"

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