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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Maybe I am just repeating myself, but at this point I feel more compelled to note several museums that just ain't there no more!!
  Fred's Car Museum in Appomattox holds more than sixty five antique autos, dating from 1906 as much as 1980. Highlights of the collection 1906 Schacht, a 1914 Saxton, some sort of 1920 Piano Box Buggy, a 1936 Packard, plus a very rare 1939 Lincoln subsequently V-12 limo. (434) 352-XXXX

It takes some detective work so I scanned the area and spotted the building, still has the sign. 
I called the grocery store across the street and a nice lady confirmed it closed years ago!
The Accomack-Northampton Vintage Car Museum in Parksley shows a 1922 Durant, a 1935 Auburn, some 1956 Thunderbird, and a bunch of automobilia. (757) 665 - XXXX

I thought the 2 above were the same, but locations are 4 1/2 hours apart!

 This one never existed and was a class project on web design!
Wow this got crazier, the Atlanta scam got stranger as that guy stole it from an international architecture competition proclaiming it was a museum coming to Nanjing, a very early city in the region that became China! 

 It is based on origami, making items by folding paper!

The next one is still listed, but is gone.
 In Wisconsin
 A major fire destroyed many cars about 1999, but they did survive for awhile
 Not exactly sure when, but its gone.

 John W. Rich was an avid car collector and force behind the Hershey Elegance!
This fantastic collection was available to group special tours with a matched donation to Mr. Rich's Foundation in support of Juvenile Diabetes.
Mr. Rich passed away just over 2 years ago and for awhile the tours still continued.
I tried to get friends motivated 2 years ago to visit, I just confirmed it is no longer open to any viewing!
 In the middle of Music row Nashville TN. Car Collectors Hall of Fame.
 The bureaucracy involved in moving the country music hall of fame is credited for killing the original music row, it's been gone over 15 years! 

The next one hurts!
 A  mega-dealership owner had built this massive collection of cars with store fronts, a carousel and was not open to the public.
Only twice a year in conjunction with fund raising car shows it was and I was headed down November 2012, it was the week after Super Storm Sandy hit, my flight was cancelled and although I could have probably gone a little later in the week I cancelled the trip to work on recovery efforts and worked 35 days straight.
Thinking it would be my 2013 Florida trip I was shocked to learn in December of 2012 the collection was auctioned off!

The Walter P. Chrysler museum.
 Well I did make this one, 4 months before it was closed!
It is all still there, but closed to the general public, maybe Chrysler can put some weekend hours back on since they operate with volunteers? A shame!
Yikes, it's in Novi Michigan, No Detroit Science Center, No they changed the name to Michigan Science center and pushed them out!
I finally emailed them and confirmed they have no location, but aspire to be in the rebuilt Daytona Speedway one day!
 Daytona did have a venue with several names which closed.
 Looks like it will once again open with the addition of the Motorsports Hall of fame I just mentioned soon. 

Gene and Cora Burt collected cars their whole life and in NW Pennsylvania had this cozy little museum.
Coming through Pa. late last year I called and spoke with Mrs. Burt and learned the collection would be auctioned off prior to my arrival!

  This next one also as usual popped up and I go into gear to get myself a visit!
 In Illinois Lee Roy Hartung did not really build a museum, but collected cars, car stuff and more! 
He passed away and the collection was brought into the sunlight for the first time after a very long hibernation  to be auctioned off.
You would never guess such rare and unusual cars were hidden in here like the Edwards above and my friend the Veritas down below which I have bumped into twice already and hope to score the hat trick in April and stop in again to say hi!  


I was in Detroit area 2012 and my last stop was to be the Detroit Historical Museum, but it had closed down.
 Shocking story is they have an enormous collection of vintage vehicles stored in some kind of strange warehouse that once stored military vehicles during WWII. 
A call today, because I may be driving through the area late spring, confirmed there are only 3-4 cars in the museum right now!

The only cars on display may be part of the assembly line exhibit, do you think they left them Caddy's on the mean streets of Detroit until they were missing some parts then put em in the display?

 3 or 4 - maybe 2 complete cars?

Malcolm Pray just over the state line Of Greenwich Connecticut where he was the driving force of the Concours D'Elegeance. 
 Another mega car dealer devoted his life to the memory of his young son killed in an automobile crash.
Obviously this is beyond my opinion, but this elegant Delahaye was Mr. Pray's passion, his wife wrote a book "My Husband's French Mistress" about it. As an 11 year old boy Mr. Pray saw a Delahaye just like this and inspired him to one day own one. As the boy became a man he found a similar Delahaye in a Bronx NY used car dealer during 1964 that cost him $5000, really! The man he purchased it from thought it did well as he just bought it for $3500, $1500 profit!! It turned out Mr Pray actually bought the 1939 World fair Delahaye! He restored it and the car was his pride and joy, in fact he talks about it in the video above. He states he left it to his foundation and not to sell it. He passed in September 2013 and in March 2014 the car was sold at Amelia Island for 6.6 million dollars, yes $6,600,000.  
 The ultimate entrepreneur he built a youth center and shared his classic cars as inspiration for success to young kids. 
Been trying to get in on one of the private tours,but Mr. Pray passed away in Fall of 2013. I thought there was a chance a museum foundation might be in the plan, the collection will be auctioned off and featured at the Amelia Island Concours D'elegance in March.

 Gast Classic Car Museum in Pa., it is gone, but still listed on sites.

Middlebury Connecticut Golden Age of Trucking museum
 Just missed this one!
 Still listed and took some effort to realize its gone! 
CWJ classic car museum in Bernardsville NJ came and went without being noticed!

The Milhous Brothers declare it's time to move on!
 A 40 million dollar collection of rare cars, Wurlitzer organs, a Carousel and just an eclectic collection gone in a minute! 
 Indianapolis natives settled in Boca Raton Florida and kept the museum so private that opening to auction the contents made them uneasy!   
 Does the Milhous name hit a cord? President Richard Milhous Nixon is  a distant relative , the brothers fortune made with a printing business in the funny papers and sales circular inserts.



More of car sales now, but the museum is gone,still lots to see and free.

 Sore point for me as we played hide and seek for 2 years, closed for renovations, reopening, no closed again.  
 Finally the entire collection went bye bye in an auction!
A s per the website something new is coming Fall 2014- I think it's just another tease!

 Another one recently closed
 Ocean City Md., was my kinda collection!

Branson Missouri the once 57 Heaven Museum GONE! 


 Been a lot of change in Branson a Hollywood car museum at Dick Clark's and the Branson Auto Museum reopened after storm damage. I skipped it last fall because most car museums in  tourist places are a little weak.

I do want to get back to the Branson museum one day, 57 Heaven is Gone
 In Los Angeles Gone 25+ years ago

Klairmont Kollection in Chicago

 opened and closed to the public, but still waiting final answer?

I realize once you put something on da world wide web it pretty much is there for ever, but if you make a list or guide you really need to update it at times or verify the information. 
The Mayor of Port Republic NJ has a website about his love, his passion and tells how they welcome visitors  and can usually accommodate visitors with a 24 hour notice to his restored gas station/museum? A week before I sent several emails which bounced back. I give it one last try and call the phone number which I assumed would either be an office number or in the garage to leave a message and to my surprise a woman answers and I explain I was calling about the possibility of setting up a visit in 4 days and a mans voice cuts in and loudly says NO, that's all. The woman starts to explain I guess to call back in the spring, my request was for March 1st, clear weather forecast and almost spring I thought, then the mans voice once again says loudly CLOSED FOR THE SEASON! I had not uttered a word since my first words until the end when I said Ok Goodbye and hung up. 
I have  great idea check the damn email so I did not have to call you and bother you at home and even better idea update your website to explain the schedule. 
Don't put yourself out there if you don't want to BE PERSONABLE.
I think I will skip this place, he should buy the Smokey Mountain Car Museum in Pigeon Forge I can't get in that place either.

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