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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I have been going to the Pigeon Forge Grand Rod Runs twice a year so I decided to randomly put photos up in no particular order from past runs as a regular blog feature. I wanted to start with this Rat Rod? I was in the right place when this very talented young man pulled up and just like the stance of the car he laid  flat on the ground away from the car and just soaked up the scene he created! Here is the car.
It took awhile to get some clear shots and I admit I was all over the car taking detail shots, I just hung out waiting for the clear shots! Yes there is a car there!

Pigeon Forge Tennessee Grand Rod Run held in Fall and Spring is the premier show in the country in my opinion and I have been attending every one since. Always something new and exciting, this time I flew in and was reading an article about this crazy Harley Davidson powered custom built rod on the plane and it was sitting at my hotel when I arrived!

Its hard to classify most of this so its a random pick!

If you study the backgrounds first their are cars everywhere,but also 1000's of people. What I noticed is many well behaved kids with mom and dad, even grandparents tagging along! It is not just cars because the main drag named "Highway" is lined by every type of restaurant, gitchy gift shops, Elvis , Titanic, and moonshine Museums,  NASCAR themed go cart tracks, dinner shows like the Hatfield's and McCoy's, Ripleys Believe it or not, wax Museum and miniature golf mega courses. The strip is also lined by hotels and many have very cool themes.  

I was amazed by simplicity of this, he took a Mustang narrowed it and made a kinda bucket roadster out of it!

Gatlinburg is nearby and is a tourist jackpot, even has a Hollywood cars museum. Don't forget the Great Smokey Mountains and Dollywood amusement park. Dolly has the Shades of the Past car show in the park the weekend before the Fall Grand Rod run so expect a bigger car count in the fall!    

Just down the road in Sevierville (pronounced Severe ville) is Floyd Garrett's Muscle car museum and always open! I am sorry, but I must blast the Smokey Mountain car Museum again because it is right in the middle of the strip of Pigeon Forge and they refuse to open during the rod runs. They get the CARHUNTER 
I could understand if it was a rowdy drunken crowd, but its a bunch of quiet people enjoying the cars and a bunch of family entertainment!

Just for a reference this "ROD" above started as one of these  DODGE POWER WAGON's below!

so we need a chassis and one of those big blocks hiding in the basement!

On a regular basis I will put Pigeon Forge stuff up with almost no pattern on a semi-regular basis.

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