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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I am admitting that I am not a Ford Guy although the first retro look Mustang in 2005 did look great and I considered an 88 GT back in the day so as reported last week Ford decided to have a Global reveal of the "All New" Mustang labeled as a 2015 because it was 50 years ago give or take a month or 4 that the first Mustang was announced as a 1964 1/2. The program started April 17th 1964 and was quite extensive! Some pieces of the promo material touted April thru July promos on TV and included appearances everywhere. The  car was revealed at the 1964 Worlds Fair right here in New York City.

As previously reported the new Mustang was revealed "Globally" on 4 Continents and 6 cities! The lame NYC reveal had a 4 cylinder 2.3 Eco-boost roll out of a trailer in front of the Good Morning America Studios for a short segment and the best I can gather that was it?
It appeared to have been taken to a side street location maybe at Manhattan Ford after the TV segment? I can't get any info on it, you would think the media blitz would have announced this to draw a crowd, not just by accident?

The Los Angeles reveal was a Hollywood style production and they pull a cover off the car at Graumans Chinese Theatre with all fan fare the car rolls on to wet cement and leaves its tire tracks like hand prints of a star! This car a 5.0 H.O.
The Dearborn Michigan car also a 5.0 had a staged press conference with a nice back drop , attendees included Edsel Ford II amongst other Ford Brass. 
Sydney Australia was nothing short of a spectacular with vintage Mustangs, live music and much fanfare, the car was a 5.0 Convertible! 
Barcelona Spain in front of 2400 people live on stage 2 Mustangs arrive out of the darkness! 
Shanghai China in a giant dome before a large crowd!

Holy Deja Vu looks like NYC gets snubbed by Ford again!
Well kinda, I could not resist. 
Kind of odd that Ford could not find a more worthy venue to once again reveal a new Mustang in NYC, I would have guessed Rockefeller Centre in the Plaza under the just revealed Christmas Tree? My searching finds no other activity with the car in NYC that day? 
F O R D = Flew Out Rapid Dash ? 
The car reminds me of A Honda Accord from its side view!


I could not resist showing this neat aftermarket roof for 1964-1966 Convertibles and cut coupes to make a removable fastback roof! 
And might as well show some early Mustang concept cars too!



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