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Saturday, December 14, 2013


A few years back I made a statement that I bet there is someone out there that collects pencils in reply to why do people collect cars! My uncle who recently passed away had  this pencil that was famous because he had kept it with him for years and I remember as a kid always getting the update on it. It eventually was nothing more than a point coming out of the eraser band, I miss Uncle Sheldon, he was a funny guy! So as a memorial tribute to Uncle Sheldon and to prove collecting cars ain't that crazy I present The American Pencil Collectors Society and the National Convention- REALLY!
This one is a puppy next to my Uncles!

Yes this is real and held every other year and I assume it is just too exciting to attend once a year! So the next time some pompous JA makes fun of your car obsession refer them to this world!


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