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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

HAPPY 2014!

A new year is upon us and CARHUNTER wonders what the cars,trucks and buses looked like 100 years ago? Lets imagine its 1914 and this is what we see on the roads!
Gas was .12 cents a gallon and what an outrage the price was raised by Standard oil on March 31 1914 to .22 cents a gallon, damn inflation!
This bought 4 1/2 gallons of gas
Allen Funt is born, smile you're on candid camera!
Charlie Chaplain made his first movie and second one.
Jack LaLanne is born and our first fitness guru only recently passed so he did something right! 
The 1st blood transfusion was done.

Woodrow Wilson was President
Babe Ruth made his debut with the Red Sox
The World War begins, yes this is what it was called, it was the war to end all wars and only after WWII was it called WWI
The Panama Canal opens
Jackie Coogan is born and becomes a child actor in "our gang" Little Rascals later getting the Coogan Act passed to protect assets of underage actors, he was Uncle Fester in the Adams Family TV show 
Stainless Steel Items are being sold to the public for the 1st time 
Henry Ford sells 248,000 vehicles
Country singer Hank Snow is born, no relation to Cledus Snow.
Got to be  a Smokey and the Bandit fan!
Baseball Player Joe Dimaggio is born and most famous for marrying Marilyn Monroe
Bert Parks is born, the Miss America Pageant will never be the same without him!
George Westinghouse dies, yes that Westinghouse
Richard Warren Sears dies, yup that Sears
Some rocket scientist predicted the world would end in 1914, later also said it did and we did not notice. The "Kingdom" had started using 1914 AD, huh, never mind!

                                 1914 INDY 500 winner  Delage  piloted by Rene Thomas of France

The airboat travel debuts in 1914

That is Thomas Edison with a fully functioning Electric vehicle, yes they were quite common and usable back then so why 100 years later are they so proud of the new electric zero emission vehicles and why were they shelved for 100 years? Maybe a fortune in oil would have been lost? Henry Ford's wife drove a Detroit Electric car not a gas powered Ford! That car is in the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn MI.  
Does that say 1000 mile Electric car Endurance run?
100 years later they still can't go that far!
Passenger cars,race cars, limos, sports cars, trucks, buses and concept cars! 

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