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Monday, November 25, 2013


OK so I went to Chicago for the day! My second attendance of the MCACN and it just gets better and better each year. Special themes = Motion Madness,OLDS W cars,Yenko,GTO, Camaro z28, Ford Performance, class of "63 and "73, Plymouth Roadrunner gathering, AMC club display, crazy barn finds, unveilings, Mr, Norm, Shelby Snakepit its just too much to list! RIP Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins, saw him race at Englishtown back in the day and last saw him at this show the year before he passed away!
RIP Ronnie Sox!
Looking ahead in the next aisles to HUNT my next CAR to shoot I see an odd combination color AMC Javelin!
I approach where I saw the car and I do not see A Javelin, but an AMX and start looking for the car? I then realize its this AMX which is the prototype for the new test mule Javelin!! Older style AMX with upcoming Javelin style nose!
I really hate creepy manikins I see in museums and here they are for sale- the old dude stands there shaking with wrench in hand or talks to you as you walk by- yikes! RUN FAST!

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