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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


How can you not be a fan of Disney,we grew up with them and I think most of us have been to Disneyland or Disneyworld. Holy Mickey Mouse! I am not sure if I am scarred for life? Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade Presented by Chevrolet.Even a 1929 Cadillac.
We know Disney's reputation for doing things right so we can assume these cars were all restored or modernized so nothing breaks down, but who thought butchering some classic cars was in order?
Now this is cool created by Disney shops as the new Grand Marshall vehicle to look like a 1912 Touring car! Very cool that Disney has special vehicles built! These creations are made to duplicate vintage vehicles!
There are old cars around the parks, back lot tours show some retired movie cars and some custom built cars from recent films!
Is that the King Himself? Check out Walt Disney World Speedway NASCAR track featuring the Richard Petty Experience and exotic cars to drive.
Now lets add a Test Track ride sponsored by Chevrolet and an annual Fathers Day car show!
Add a movie stunt car show and car land!! On my way to Disney as we speak! Check which park has which venues on line.

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