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Monday, November 11, 2013


TONY GOT IT AGAIN, BUT I HAD HIM WAIT! Although the car was built in Germany was sold in the USA at Buick dealers 103,463 cars built. 1968-1973 and was GM's poor mans Corvette - an Opel GT Prototype called the Opel AERO GT was shown in the first update here, only 2 examples of the Aero were ever built and survive today.It was a sportier version of the famous Opel GT as we know it. Actually the 1965 opel Experimental GT was first!
The Opel Aero GT was the Opel GT.Opel is basically GM in Germany and a few other countries,
Then in 1975 another prototype appeared as an Opel GT, it never went into production.
A shocker for me is that we did get another Opel GT recently. This time a switch- this Opel based car was built in Wilmington Delaware and sold in the USA 2006-2009 as a Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice!! Was sold in South Korea also.
Above is a 2007 Opel GT. Now it appears there is a 2013 Opel called a Cascada, not a GT and only in Europe!
German built Opel cars are not only sold there, but also in Africa,Asia,Europe and South America. The Buick connection never disconnected as Opel designs were sold in Canada as Buicks. In fact the Buick Regal in the USA is a rebadged Opel Insignia, most Saturns in the USA were Opel cars. The Cadillac Catera 97-01 was just an Opel Omega. I am sure most know that in Australia Holden is GM and maybe unknown Vauxall in the UK shares the Opel designs.THE CADDY BELOW
THE OPEL ABOVE - The GT lends itself well to being customized!

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