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Sunday, November 3, 2013


TONY AGAIN! I left one clue by accident by not masking the car in front of it! The Lexus LFA was at the same show 2010 in the Netherlands and it was the only clue and even that fell flat at first, eventually the photo of the car at that show popped up!
1979!! "My grandfather (Frank Thurner) was the original owner of the Guanci. I've been looking through the old brochures that I have and started doing some internet research which brought me here. I only remember the two cars, John Guanci's which was red and my grandfather's which was blue. My grandfather had the car painted (we can't remember what color it was when he took delivery but we think it may have been silver). My step dad also remembers a prototype that had the turbo V6 in it which may have been silver as well. (I have a photo of a silver car but I'm not sure if it is the prototype or my grandfathers before he painted it). I only remember thecar being blue with the American Racing 5 spokes on it (I was only 11 at the time) I'm curious where the car is now and how it's holding up." Thanks, Roger
There is a lot of talk about this (these) car, only 2 built, but clearly a red, blue and silver existed, was one a repaint? An L82 Chevy v8 seems to be the power plant which would be 350 CI, mention of a 400 CI? There was also talk of a 3.8 v6 Turbo and that may have stemmed from the rumor that the car was built on a Pontiac Fiero chassis. For some reason the car has been called a DeTomaso design maybe because it shares many styling cues from cars like the DeTomaso Pantera which was another low production sports car. Make no mistake and the guys at the DeTomaso pantera sight will be happy to remind you "this ain't no DeTomaso" and they even ran a guy off the sight who has the car!! The Red car stayed with Guanci and the Blue car sold on ebay for $34K awhile back and is now once again up for sale at $40K. It seems the car may be valued at about 20K, but it is documented and has a traceable linage so who knows? I would gladly take donations to facilitate my purchase of the car? LOL!


  1. There is a third car that is if a second generation. Too much to type here but it is great automotive lore. My Dad is John Guanci.

  2. Wow glad you found the blog and thanks for commenting!