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Saturday, November 30, 2013


Once a month I will try to highlight the following
#1 A concept car of the past
- Way down below is a 1958 Plymouth Cabana with its open rear cargo area must have stuck in someones mind because Studebaker brought us the Wagonaire 1963-1966 below
Recently the 04 GMC Envoy!
#2 A well known custom car
This is the 1969 Pink Panther car and one of the few of this status that only had one example built and a clear designer/builder Jay Ohrberg, who? More about him later in a blog, he is the man behind quite a few Hollywood cars although "someone else may have put them in his stable". It may be tough isolating who actually built future ones because multiple credits for the same cars are out there!
#3 A car to ID, AKA NAME THAT CAR! GO FOR IT PRIVATE EYES! All American attempt at building a world class race car, lightweight with V8 power. Never grabbed a financial backer and had no link to any of the big companies so it was over almost as fast as it began- 1962-1964 and only 3 cars were built and all 3 still exist today. As you see in the photos the owner is not scared to toss it around a bit!

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