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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Not really 2 for 1 more like 2 shows on the same day about an hour apart!
Keen eye always spots some cool stuff on the way- people say art deco tractors, but in fact those fenders were put on to reduce damage to the corn as they drove through!  

Just down the road from the Monmouth County Concours was this neat farm store, corn maze etc.. 
One of my favorite Concours because it is also on a farm- Hop Brook Farms. Rain and invisible Hurricane (I hate weather forecasters) was called for Saturday so they moved it to the rain date Sunday 
A Concours D'Elegance by tradition should have special cars, usually invite only picked by a board and you only attend once with that car. 
Yes many worthy cars here, but there were many that made me cringe and I could not even photograph them because so mundane or the owner would have thought I was excited!
That part was disappointing, but although it is not clear and I did not want show empty spots only half of the assigned positioned display cars showed up! 
Maybe the switch to Sunday caused conflicts for car owners who had previous set plans?
A very cool Messerschmitt, yes of German airplane fighter fame 

Yep a rather spiffy Detroit Electric car

Probably the only Ghia bodied car I could afford, a VW Karmann Ghia! 

It is crazy how many Kaiser Darrin's I have seen

Do not see too many Willys cars

Oddly many Jeepsters pop up

Another stock Willys usually long hot rodded by now

Lots of empty spots sadly

Looks like a ray gun from flash Gordon!

It is pronounced Jag u wa
Red Ram was a Dodge engine name so the hood ornament was  a Ram long before the trucks

Pretty scarce Ford Phaeton - a 4 door convertible

Another Ram

Nicely restored International top speed 15

What is this car?
Hint- look at the radiator cap

Capt Edward Vernon Rickenbacker WWI fighter ace was an amazing man!

Prior to WWI the Swiss/German heritage young man raced cars(4 times in the Indianapolis 500 race),

 sold cars for the Columbus (Ohio) Buggy Company. As with most Germans in the US Army he changed the name from Rickenbacher. This man with just a 7th grade education excelled in life, 26 airborne wins, 1920 to 1927 produced the car with his name on it (1st US car with 4 wheel brakes)

, bought the Indianapolis speedway in 1927 which closed during WWII and then sold it off,  worked for General Motors who owned some airlines including Eastern Airlines which he ran as CEO!
He even wrote a comic series

NY State built Franklin air cooled

Literally the lap of luxury, phone the chauffeur!

I really did not get it, but the car was covered in comic/cartoon characters 

The second 67 427 tri-power I have seen with A/C- this a 400 hp engine not the 435 HP which could not get the A/C option!

This Ice Cream truck was cool as it says!

They used this Packard as a "gate guard" a rumble seat coupe 
Scarsdale NY Concours has always been a great one,but this year's was awful!
More modern high dollar cars then usual, but in the displays 

 Shaken not stirred  please - James Bond drove the Aston Martin DB5

 A car built in Israel- Sabra, I love it but a regular every year

 The best looking Maserati I have seen
 I missed this at a show recently it is a Russian ZiL 
 They built trucks, but these limos were built exclusively for high ranking Communists leaders!

 There is always one street rod and next to a very dirty GTO. One year they turned away a replica race car, but they are Ok with a street rod- it has almost nothing in common with an original FORD?

Lotus racer

A very impressive 1965 Buick Gran Sport
I am in no way a Buick expert and my buddy asked me if that engine was stock and I just confirmed yes from the finned valve covers to the dual 4bbls  

Great car!
Concours pick?

Every year this car is here

 You know I love the Neo-Classics?

 Mildred let me get something out of my purse! 

 I need some kind of explanation why this car was in a Concours D'elegance?

 We love the old Volvo tanks, but Concours worthy? Not even sponge worthy!!
 This little quaint street has always been filled with cars, what happened?
 Bueller? Bueller?
I am not sure what happened this year, but barely enough to entertain a full hour with 2 walk throughs! 

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