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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


The Long Island Street Rod Association has been around for many years and the fall meet was top notch!
Held at the Suffolk County Community College campus in Brentwood    
We were surprised by the cars we had seen locally before! I love these 70's boats Pontiac Grand Am 

Ok I know you never seen a "souped up" Caddy like this one?

In case it breaks at least the part number is on it!
Another 30's MOPAR, but Chevy powered :(

What a nice theme, looking kinda stock, but had a T'bird motor with 3 2bbl carbs and exhaust cut outs!

I have seen this crazy big block VW before- really well done

Been seeing many Packard street rods and customs, I am not sure I approve?

Ah ha toss a curtain on the car, spray over it, let dry and remove trick!

Re-purposed wood, but not as a gauge mount
Very unique Buick

One of two V12 Lincoln Zephyr's! 

We learned something today, a rather rare W32, yes W32 442

Now that's a proper Rat Rod
For the love of Walter P finally another MOPAR with MOPAR engine 

Twins separated at birth with different mothers!
HD resto mod truck cabs turn street rods
 More betterer

V12 Flathead
Mad Max!
Hold on here that is an AMC Javelin

4 cyl Cummins Turbo Diesel power

Gonna be a very nice car- a Pontiac with an OVERHEAD CAM 6 CYL Pontiac power

Famous Long Island Racing legend Marty Himes brought some very neat old race cars!

MOPAR truck with Ford power- stinker!
Could it find a home?
Pretty rusty old Packard looking for a home real bad!
Unique old Caddy Ambulance

Very well done Chevy pickem up
Look at that idea to latch the tailgate!

You might remember from the blog this 69 Roadrunner found up in Winnipeg Canada and it is looking great as the final details get tweaked! 
Notice this place emptied out like a fire drill! Early too!
Cool 72 Nova survivor!
Hey it's a Pontiac Ventura!
Jake, you know from State Farm, says hey T we can drop a Big Block Chevy in here no problemo! 
There was a second show over in Hicksville we got there after 4pm and unlike the Brentwood show the lot was still full of cars!! 

This was crazy the doors were welded together, yikes! 
Old VW kit car body


  1. Hey that's some array of vehicles! How does this show stack up against the other great shows you've done this year?

    1. Each show has been different and we were surprised to see a bunch new, at least to us cars. we were surprised that o many cars left so early in the day though.