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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I had been put on the invite list for a year, but always had something come up, finally I said no matter what I am going! Somewhere in Pennsylvania! I saw this on the way there and knew it was going to be a great show! John B. Haines IV of the H&K Group I have put this link if you are interested in learning a bit about Mr. Haines because I put a ton of photos here from a really great show! 
I know you are thinking that's fake, NOPE! This is one magnificent beast, I was obsessed with him and kept going back just to see him again! 

One of many buildings on the estate filled to trucks,tractors and some great collectibles  

I believe this 1950's Mack is one of John B's first trucks and is the absolute hands down what truck collectors think of the most recognizable MACK
You do not make your fortune delivering newspapers!

Ok so I lied this is Mack that really made history Chain Drive which earned the name Bulldog by British because it looked and was as strong as a Bulldog 

You could spend days looking at all this great automobilia

And trainmobilia (wow that is a word!) 

One of his good friends from Canada, I have been to Tack's collection and a  blog will eventually be done. They had a Canadian flag up for the day here next to old glory on the other pole!

At the absolute opposite end of the spectrum Mr. Haines has these midget racers! 

Another building

If you ever heard the term Chain drive Mack- this is it

Tack's hat

More chain drive views 

This machine was putting all day
Tacks transport truck

Both of these White trucks were meticulously restored to every last detail

Never leave home without some boulders

Old school/new tech

Magnificent is the only word to describe this custom built transporter 

All of 7 horsepower gets this puppy down the road, eventually!
Mack did not make many Mack Jr.'s and this one was very nicely restored

Love the old Divco stand and drive Milk trucks, Do Not Sit Down on the Job ever! 
Very neat old school dragster
Hey didn't I pass you on I78?

Wait I walked back and some crazy stuff on this old racer 

The engine is pretty much under the dash inside the car for weight transfer 
I tried to chat with him, but he had a constant flow of talkers- one was a little confused about the engine and thought this was a 426 HEMI and did not realize this engine family was pretty much the standard power in many passenger cars in the 50's- I decided not to chime in 
Hemi powered with a crazy home made log manifold with gaggle of carbs (5 or more)

Barn find Harley

See that clock? He had this old Radial running and demo'd all day 

Different kinda rod with a 2.3 turbo Ford 4 cylinder

Recently I showed a 67 Buick Gran Sport with a dual quad engine from the factory and a Street Rod Buick 
I may be in love, another very well done Buick looking like a stock resto, has widened factory wheels 

A nice 60's Buick dual quad power plant
Independant front suspension

OOH OOH my favorite 1930's Plymouth and made me because-
It is all MOPAR!

Roll down back window and A/C 

I have seen em all MOPIAC, TOYLET, DODGOLET and now FORDOLET! 
Sorry I am a purist Ford in a Ford, MOPAR in a MOPAR, was strange he never opened the hood 

This show brought out a whole new theme of factory all but forgotten Diesels 
I had forgotten about International Harvester's Nissan 6cyl Diesel entry in one of the longer wheel base Travelers with removable roof  

You just don't see old Chevy Luv trucks anymore especially stock - these were actually Isuzu KB trucks the second generation  in 1980 sported a diesel option   

The tri-5 55-56-57 Chevy has the most unique customs and fantastic stock restos- running every gamut in-between 

The first generation of "small" Jeeps sprouted a rather low volume Comanche long bed pick up 
I was a Jeep parts manager and just remembered we got a 4cyl Turbo Renault Diesel option that could not get out of its own way!

Just wanted to check, still there! FYI this car was heavily autographed 

Stuff that HEMI into that 68 Plymouth
Could that header be any closer to the steering box, I say Nah Nah!

Work horse Willy's
Power Take Off "PTO", Dual wheels all around and pickup add on bed option

Love those 1970's T-Top cars

Neat idea, a Chevy Astro turned pickup truck

Did not eepect a Fire Power Hemi under here! Fordar?

I am sure you remember Ford escort Diesels, What do you mean "what is a Ford escort?"

I usually shy away from Cobra replicas, but the late model power plant got my attention and it confuses me because most build these replicas to pay tribute to the originals
Another old school Buick with those cool factory valve covers, but pulling a Pontiac down the road?

Hellcat Charger- Hell Yea!

 If you have noticed the new Dodge commercials we learn that Horace and John Dodge were quite the hot rodders!
 Let me throw some water on that one, The Dodge Brothers had built engines for Random E. Olds' curved dash cars in 1901 and then worked for Henry Ford
 They only built their namesake car from 1914 to 1920 as both brothers died suddenly in 1920! Walter P. Chrysler  did eventually purchase Dodge for his new company! Be assured Horace and John were not smoking the tires on one of these babies in 1917 as the ad campaign hints!   

Another International Traveler Diesel and with the Rallye package 

Man just a run of the mill International Scout II
The big 4 door was a Travelall

If you drive for a living they may find you like this if don't retire at a ripe age!

Nice friendly well attended show!
A hover car!! Oh just a Nash, it has tires

Seldom seen Ford Cortina, but with the Lotus addition 
Nice Dodge mild custom

The midnight ride of the Gear Jammer

This Plymouth spent most of it's life in a Barn 
Mild era correct hot rod tricks

 Cool idea Cordoba wheels without the center basket!
Cheeze it, its the cops!

Nice to see another Satellite left close to stock 

It's America!
I want to thank the HK group friendly folks and John  B. Haines IV for invited a thousand friend over for a great day!

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