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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


As we get closer to the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals (MCACN) I recall my last DAY trip to Chicago, rent a car at the airport hit the Volo Museum, a collector car dealer and off to the MCACN - fly home that night!
 Ok this was 2013, I have fallen into a pattern of getting to Chicago every other year for the MCACN, Gateway Classics has several locations and I have visited a few of them. Combination storage facility and consignment showroom and I can compare them to puppy mills.  
 The cars range from classic restorations to customs and every bump in between! 
 You have to understand most of the cars still have an owner behind the scenes and the salesperson may not have the entire story, but that is the case in any dealer type scenario so you need to really dig deep before a purchase  

 Ultra rare to common scattered in a warehouse type setting 

Never know what you can find in a ever rotating inventory

I really liked this Butterscotch 71 Cuda 

Odd cars abound

can't help but think some of these rather neat plain jane finds really get the exaggerated price tags

One of my favorite cars, but this was a very very rough Satellite and makes me wonder of the quality of the other cars? 

I like these forgotten Mustangs 

Anything goes here

CARHUNTER has been running a tight production schedule, reduced the fleet a little, finishing up a few lingering projects before the winter and completing a garage project at the CARHUNTER Southern annex so the blogs have been a little abrupt. I did not want to skip any weekly blog updates.
Gateway has many locations and take a look at the inventories, you find something you like! 

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