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Friday, November 6, 2015


Something a bit different for this week's blog!
 All of a sudden we are overwhelmed by automotive programs and I want to discuss some of  the current offerings
I am just going to touch on some of the choices of how you get your automotive "fix"  
youtube channels and internet shows are the interesting ones because they don't need to bow down to lawyers,censors.advertisers and critics-just good strong content
MOTOR TREND has multiple channels
You can watch at your leisure and I have to say by far my favorite is those crazy guys over at 

I want to add watch the video below from ROADKILL because he makes a very profound statement at the end about the cable TV car shows, as you watch you see a bunch of car guys rocking it and having a ball!
What triggered the comments were the network politics that are hard to believe, but true!!

It is Mike Finnegan Staff Editor of Hot Rod Magazine and  David Freiburger Editor in Chief over at Hot Rod magazine when they are not coming up with hairbrain schemes. Driving an old El Camino to Summit's Sparks Nevada retail store parking lot from Los Angeles with an ailing engine and putting a crate engine in right there, leaving a big puddle of fluids and driving back with some serious tire smoking break in hole shots could not be any more entertaining! The open back El Camino was crucial because they brought their own engine hoist and tools and why did they do it there? The logic was staggering, instead of running all over for those missing parts just walk back into Summit to get what you need and Summit stayed open extra late to accommodate them! I forgot to mention Dog who sometimes tags along who has no official job title over at Hot Rod, but does toss his cookies in that episode!  
Enjoy General Mayhem who is General Lee's evil cousin looking like a pile of you know what sporting a 700 horsepower Hellcat engine! 
As Freiburger says "you had me at Hellcat,best day at work ever!" 
Two guys just having a ball enjoying the hobby and leaving a trail of broken parts on the way!

 Come on get 60 free channels without paying a monthly cable bill? 
Can it be true, yes my friends it is true with mandated digital free broadcast TV
I am a anti-cablite and found myself surfing multiple FREE channels of nostalgic old tv shows that I grew up with and happy as a
Well you kind of get the idea!
I accidentally hit the remote while watching ChiP's and I stumble into this!

Complete with a news program!
 This renegade network popped up in select markets December 2014
and is quietly spreading like margarine to major cities near you. I believe it also has been posted up to some cable systems, but that may get the Velocity channels panties in an uproar?
We will talk about them last!
One of the stars in Rev'n TV line up 
 I really enjoy Dennis Gage, again I keep repeating to the world how much I enjoy car guys just having a positive time meeting other car people and having fun!
Some of the other shows on Rev'n 
GEARZ coming soon

There are plenty more and I am enjoying every minute!
In the first 24 hours I even saw a great interview show with Bobby Allison  NASCAR superstar!

Grab your old transistor 
Radio Car Shows have become more popular and with internet live streams even if not within the broadcast area you can still  listen in 
Hey not just plugging these two guys because they are friends and CARHUNTER has been on the show three times!!
Chris Switzer on the left and Ray Guarino on the right (I think?)
Sorry guys I had to slip Melisa Vlasaty "Miss Full Throttle 2013" in for balance!
The show is fun and fast paced - check them out - now they have a live podcast so you see radio- that  is confusing me, kind of like designer color air?
Check out my phone in on November 5th
Warning CARHUNTER is scheduled to be in the studio to continue this rant on the air!
Get up on the roof and brush the leafs out of the dish- they still use these?? 
Well you know it was coming and I have been taking fire because some say I am too critical? 
Although  I do not have cable at home I do get a chance to see some of the Cable broadcast car shows.
The History Channel, Smithsonian Channel and the Discovery Channel have all aired car shows. The Discovery Channel spawned its own exclusive car channel- Velocity

Some of the shows in the line up

Richard Rawlins and Aaron Kaufman
Rawlings was a law enforcement officer paramedic and firefighter which was a surprise to me, who sold a successful printing company to start Gas Monkey garage contrary to rumors about his fortune handed to him and links to Rawlings of sports equipment family. I like the show Rawlings never candies over his persona- I think he is a smart businessman. Kaufman is the brains of the wrenches and Rawlings lets him do what does best while he just unwraps the bank rolls. Thumbs up!

 Some do not like Chip Foose, they say he just ruins cars, I did cringe when they took granny's Cuda Gran Coupe and transformed it into some kind of half ass custom- most of the cars customized by Foose really had no collector value and were just wasting away. I think he makes many people happy fulfilling their dreams. Some say he hijacked his mentors (Boyd Coddington) concepts, but the late innovator of street rods really had a rather sour disposition and maybe that early first strike of auto tv set the stage for the DRAMA shows of the auto world? Overhaulin is fun and I enjoy the A-team's tight working agenda and comradery. I do dislike the 7 day pressure schedule though! I think they stop and start that clock! Still a Thumbs up! 
I had an issue this one! Grandma had a 70 Barracuda Gran Coupe with a worked 440 and they did this, for some reason I did not buy the whole story too! 

 This is dribble, who cares if grandma needs to resell some POS she bought at the auction- chop this waste of air time please! Thumbs down! 
 I enjoy this show they have turned out some really nice stuff, including restoring one of the Futureliner's from GM complete with a cutaway jet engine as originally displayed  - it gets silly at times,but it is still fun and Kendig it gets a Thumbs up!

Why are the shows never the same name as the business? I emailed Desert Valley about 7 years ago looking for a part still waiting for a reply. This salvage yard is portrayed as some kind of sanctuary for forgotten cars! The cartoon like old west narrator's voice is just too annoying Thumbs down! 

Another show I really can not enjoy this show probably because don't have my own airplane to search for cars!! Thumbs down!
I am mixed on this new one, I kinda like the rat rod Kar Kulture and certainly Rust Queen Twiggy Tallant as eye candy, the new apprentice is a plus. This young lady is actually a model/stripper/tattoo queen who "works" under the name "The Nerdy Stripper" and may hail from Canada. They are in Las Vegas, they do nerd her up a bunch and she does behave herself! I guess it gets an early Thumbs up!  

I have met Wayne Carini a few times and he is truly a car guy, but sometime I find the high dollar drama a little taxing although I have no problem with someone making a living I get a little weary of watching the camera focused on his face during an auction - remember it's only an hour show and maybe 40 mins of content - I enjoy it more when he uncovers a barn find or that great interview with John Fitch (a legend) before he passed away and then helping the family sell the Fitch Phoenix, I was there that day! Thumbs up!

South Beach Classics
 Where do I start? Trying not be insulting because they basically are nice people from appearances.
This husband and wife duo runs a basic puppy mill for cars and she was a B movie actress, he was also in a movie or two, but hubby was a wrestler at one time.
He admits he is not interested in cars, not a car guy, could care less about horsepower or originality because it's all about the money and they will sell anything for a buck, I get a kick out him checking a car out, if it starts he buys it! Robin actually restores a car and it does not dawn upon him this may be a better venue than stocking 200 cars to turn quick $$. Would you buy a car from those two? Thumbs down! 
 Like this Gremlin disaster
I go head over heels crazy for Barry McGuire as it is so clear he is just a genuine Car Crazy guy! He travels all over making new friends and just enjoying the car hobby and gets a big Thumbs up! 
I have been in Dale Walksler's museum "Wheel Through Time" twice now in Maggie Valley NC and it is just one of those treasures where every time you see something new! Dale is often wandering the museum and starting up some vintage bike and enjoying people. They show a great relationship between Dale and his son Matt. It's all fun Thumbs up!   
Super mechanic Edd China and fellow CARHUNTER Mike Brewer across the pond in the UK track down a specific car with the idea of turning a small profit. Mike finds em and Edd spends Mike's money using his skills to turn slightly rough cars into diamonds - I am still sorting out pounds vs quids - ok it is like a dollar vs a buck- got it now? In the past have traveled all over the world, but get ready they relocated to California for the new season! Cracking show Thumbs up!
I realize Fantom Works can turn out some quality work, but when the owner declares "the customer is not always right' I cringe, hey if  I want a yellow Ford Pinto with pink stripes that is what you build! I find it odd after being in the auto service business for years that a price is never quoted,  instead the customer is ushered into the office like "here comes the bad news!" We had $15,000 in parts and 1200 hours of labor! Is anyone aware that 1200 hours of labor at a very low $50 an hour (unlikely) is $60,000 and I would assume the labor rate at Fantom is $100+ an hour, over $100,000 in labor??? Every job ends with a hard brake lock up down the side street, thanks for abusing my over priced toy!! I will still give it a Thumbs up!

Garage Squad to the RESCUE! The last episode I watched took a Ford that had sat dormant since a man's brother's death - they got it running which prompted a very emotional moment for the surviving brother and his wife. The man not only felt he had in some way connected with his brother, but was so impressed by how the team worked together hand in hand side by side! Thumbs up!
I intentionally left this for last and right after the very positive Garage Squad review for a big reason!
This crew in the photo below was very important as the angry man to your left in the photo is the zoo keeper!
Up front is the lovely Holly who was auditioned and starred in such exciting segments showing her using a pressure washer for the first time!
Clockwise from our fearless leader is Josh the son in law and I believe he really is not a full time employee that goes out of his way to act like a fool.
Royal Yokam a good friend who seems like a nice enough guy, but also is not a full time employee
Last and certainly not least is Darren who has some very extensive MOPAR knowledge also does not work here. It appears he just shows up to start trouble with the angry man!    
We all know CARHUNTER is  MOPAR guy so a show devoted my favorite marque would seemly be the best thing that could happen?

I tried and I tried to be objective and I waited until the new season aired, but it just is still like looking into the sun you gotta just turn the other way. removing all but Yokam from the cast has fixed nothing because there is one constant factor in the show that does not change
Holy crap smile, you are supposed to be enjoying yourself!
You talking to me? Yeah you!
Mark Worman owner of Welby's, a body shop in Springfield Oregon is the self proclaimed MOPAR expert of the free world. This all started when Worman was accused of doing a rebody on a restoration so he documented a restoration to prove his integrity. I never heard of this guy before the show aired, has anyone else heard of him prior to his self proclaimed royalty status?
Lets slide over - there are employees somewhere actually working back there doing the magic. Worman from what I have seen is a talented body man and painter, has a great knack for getting those decals on the cars and is a MOPAR fanatic with definite  knowledge.
The problem you may ask?
He is a nasty corny pompous know it all who seems to actually deter any real enjoyment or progress with his hijinks.
 Welcome to the much heralded Phantasm Cuda from the movie above and the end result from Graveyard Carz - I see flares, a dual scoop Rallye hood, Cragars, tinted windows, a pop up sunroof,chrome bumpers and white pinstripes up above.
Below I see a vinyl top, rear window louvers, go wing spoiler. body color bumpers, road wheels with redlines,billboard stripes and a shaker hood?
What does the car above above have to do with the car below?
Yes both are 1971 Cuda's!
I do not want to cover all the little things I have seen that make me ask huh???
I understand Worman is the director,producer and owns the production company so the scripted drama and mayhem is because of Worman's rather odd way of thinking?
As much as I really want to like the show I can not stand watching it and viewing with non car people which is difficult enough gets some very opinionated thumbs down!
 It is painful to watch his awful dance routines and Ali like shadow boxing rants!
We were hoodwinked with the promise of all new GYC TV and what became drastically clear was there is only one thing wrong with the show, you know who.
Fifteen minutes of fame goes really quick and Thumbs down!
 I notice we don't see much of Dennis Gage and Barry McGuire, but the new shows are following the same themes I have a distain for !
 Meet John Hendricks the owner of Discovery Channel  and visionary behind the Velocity channel
I watched a profile on him with my favorite Barry Mcguire and I am impressed, he is self made, great family man and above all a car guy!
 I like guys who think like Walt Disney, he purchased land in Colorado and built this unreal resort with his wife Maureen
 Within the resort is a car museum
 If you ever wondered who bought the one off  F88 Oldsmobile "Corvette" for $3,240,000 - that's 3 million 240 thousand!
 Besides the fantastic resort and museum, there is an off road drive experience and exotic car experience so just visualize the scenery and roads that you can travel near the resort!
 I am pretty certain Mr. Hendricks is smarter than myself, knows what makes ratings and money?  I plead my case that true car guys would be happier with positive focused true car shows without the drama and auditioned "actors" for their shock value.
I do not watch much TV, pretty much explode at anyone watching Jerry Springer and the like in front of me. Can a show about checker tournaments be next with the same infused drama like we see on all these reality shows to keep the ranks riveted?
I enjoy cars because of the people I met and enjoyed company of the same!
Accomplishing a restoration with a friend is great memory not a life scarring experience!  

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