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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Another big weekly cruise night that has been running for years in Oyster Bay Long Island, even more fun when you can pop into Billy Joel's Motorcycle museum! 

On the way be sure to check out the Collector Car showroom, I thought this was going to be another sales showroom hiding under the museum umbrella.
January 2017 I feel the need to update this because my initial thoughts about this venture have proven true!
The promise of rotating exhibits and events has fallen to the curb, it has become an exotic car dealership, for hire venue, a showcase for the owners Porsche collection and an exotic cars and coffee meet up!
Very disappointing!
It turns out to be one mans long time passion collecting signage, gas station items and his own cars.
Collections rotate with cars on loan, some very nice street rods filled the floor when I visited

Notice the spotlights are vintage oil cans?

Friendly staff members made sure when I was done upstairs to get a guided tour of the basement-
CARHUNTER is a big fan of the basement display!

PORSCHE and a great collection it is!

Yes a 914-6 back there
These were not common Porsche's, but some very rare and seldom seen in the USA models 

Cover all the P's with a Packard
When you have a collection of rare Porsche's you gotta have a Porsche Tractor

It was like an Army out here as the street closes down shoppers and employees head home and the parking spots become a car show, a little more organized than Belmore, but again you got to get here early and stalk a spot!

Not a kit car, but a Chrysler Turbo powered prototype

Remember Roger Moore as the TV Saint? He drove a Volvo P1800 like this one 

The BATMAN made it

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