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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


The reason I like these type of shows is the variety.
The whole rat rod concept sometimes is an excuse to just run it out the door, I was guilty of that once. The drivetrain was perfect, but the truck became a free for all! 

The flathead is just so cool

I gave up trying to figure this out

Even a 4 door can be cool!

When the FORD will just not do, build up an Essex!

back when i was kid they filled in the back doors!

Yup a 6 cyl Cummins Turbo Diesel


Three 2 barrel carbs looks like rush hour traffic jam 

Remember the movie California Kid?

Glad this guy was on a leash!

Ah yes the old ISCA show car look
Rat Rod? MOPAR

Holy pipes Batman

These MOPARS rolled in and quite a few piloted by ladies!

AMC Hornet
Never pass a Packard without a photo!

Off to the (valve cover ) races!

Business coupe, no back seat!

Oh stop spoiling me another MOPAR powered MOPAR

Be still my MOPAR heart - a Chrysler with a big block MOPAR

I tried to get a front angle shot, but the family was holding a block party there!

Don't Ask and what tell!

I think he is cutting the lawn?

I must criticize a little, there was one entrance to the show including spectator cars, instead of planning the car loading for show cars it was haphazard. 
My reward for getting there early was driving in, around the show and then a half mile back in the other direction at the road. A 10 minute walk to the show after all that! And back again. The later you came the closer you got parked to the show!
Instead of dedicating one lane to show cars and the other to parkers one of the club members was racing around on a golf cart yelling at people and I am surprised he did not hit anyone!
Because the cars were getting loaded all over the place I eventually got to the entrance and stood there until the flow slowed down 

Great show,but find a better plan! 

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