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Sunday, September 6, 2015


I am so excited that after a week I have finally corrected the Windows 7 reinstall that I am going to put a bunch of blogs out! many thought they would find CARHUNTER years from now at the keyboard looking like this! NOPE!
In spite of a giant show nearby (Lead East) The Dead Mans Curve guys have outdone themselves again at The Mahwah Sheraton in NJ!
I have to say yes I have attended Lead East, but it is crazy expensive and just crowded!
The hotel is pretty much transformed into hot rod central, free parking in the covered parking garage, easy access from the highway. You can get into the hotel for food and restrooms or just relax in the lobby to take a load off! 
One of the ballrooms has displays and celebrity autographs instead of outside tents! 

As the Beach Boys sang= Shes Real Fine my 509?
My 4 speed positraction, ah 509?

A Belly Tank Racer!
Long Range Bombing mission meant more fuel before the days of inflight refueling
 Flying over enemy territory they would strap on extra fuel for longer range in the form of belly tanks and of course some savoy servicemen saw this as the perfect shell for a race car!

Elvira on a coffin?
It's a BBQ!
It's the Munstermobile!

It's the BATCYCLE!

And of course the BATMOBILE!

This lady with Milner's Coupe is Candy Clark who starred in American Graffitti  
Cool old skool chopper bikes!
Funny cars for a cause twice during the day all 4 funny cars were fired up!
Holy eardrums, that is 10,000 horsepower spunky

Look at the front wheels, Radar wheels which are the correct BATMOBILE wheel. Radar wheels alive and well in NJ at the Hot Rod Farm!

There is a sub-culture of straight axles cars in NJ

National Lampoon's Vacation Family Truckster!
Lou Glutz Motors
We forgot Dinky was tied to the bumper, the little guy never had a chance!

Nice woodwork, lol!
Aunt Edna never made the trip, she will be fine up there until we can drop the body off!

It's a new space age non-stick spray!
Watch that thing go! Later dudes!

Enjoy some victory blog- I solved the problem, YAHOO! 

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